Scientists Find Deep Sleep Can Keep You Young

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Scientists Find Deep Sleep Can Keep You Young
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In today’s modern times, we enjoy the benefits of medicine extending our lifespan. However, with modernization comes a faster pace of life, a more hectic schedule, and worst, less time for sleep. Oddly enough, even with all the technology within our reach, sleep seems to be less of a priority and more of a luxury for many. This has led to a sleep deprivation pandemic affecting nations across the globe. [1]

With sleep being a necessary process for our body to repair itself, you’d think the solution would be as simple as getting more sleep. Unfortunately, high-quality sleep gets harder to achieve as we age. Nocturnal urination, medication side effects, menopause, lack of exercise, and decreased sunlight exposure all factor in on why the elderly can’t get enough of valuable sleep. [2] Even more troubling is the fact that the effects of lack of sleep are not limited to the typical lack of daytime energy. Researchers have long established that sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system, impairs memory function, and even stresses the heart. [3][4][5]

These findings further support a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of California – Berkeley. In their study, they dispel the misconception that older people need less sleep and confirmed that unmet sleep needs in the elderly drastically increase the risk of mental and physical disorders which ultimately could decrease a person’s lifespan. [6]

With their findings, they were able to pinpoint the fact that an aging person’s brain has trouble producing the slow brain waves that promote deep restorative sleep. They also found that as we grow older our body begins having trouble regulating the production of sleep neurochemicals like galanin and orexin. Galanin is the neurochemical that promotes sleep while orexin promotes normal wakefulness. The researchers involved in the study also caution us against the use of sleeping aids like pills. Researcher Matthew Walker stated in the study “Sleeping pills sedate the brain, rather than help it sleep naturally. We must find better treatments for restoring healthy sleep in older adults, and that is now one of our dedicated research missions.”

The study results are not all bad – because we know what we have to do and that is a vital step in any healing. It is verified that sleep is a vital restorative function all of us must prioritize and it did shed some light that there is a need for a push in seeking out healthy interventions for us to reclaim those precious restful hours.

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