This Company Develops Edible Eating Utensils

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The world has a serious plastic pollution problem. We know this and we know we have to do something about it. This amazing yet devastatingly simple project is doing just that… with a new type of edible disposable cutlery that makes perfect sense.

In order to manufacture these crunchy, tasty spoons and forks on a large enough scale to be price competitive with plastic, the project needed an injection of capital. Amazingly, they just got it – big time: Their Kickstarter campaign just went hugely viral on social media and ended up 5x overfunded with over $270,000 raised and huge public support from around the world. This would appear to be an idea whose time has come – and not a moment too soon.

India in particular uses huge amounts of disposable cutlery. A staggering 120 billion pieces are disposed of per year in India alone and as these are plastic, they typically end up in landfill. We also know that many plastics contain toxic chemicals – such as phthalates and bisphenol A – and yet we continue to use them for food.

Do you know which plastics have the highest cancer risk? Check our full report on that here: Do you know which plastics have the highest cancer risk?

This new edible cutlery has been well though out. It is made from millet, rice and wheat. It is hard enough to cope with the food, yet you can crunch it like a kind of cracker and eat it. If you don’t feel like eating it, simply toss it. It’s biodegradable and breaks down rapidly, returning to the cycle of nature to be assimilated safely by other life. The way things should be – can we please understand this simple truth now?

Many people are inquiring about purchasing the edible spoons or supporting this program. Here’s their Kickstarter:

This Company Develops Edible Eating Utensils
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😳 What Tinnitus Does To Your Brain Cells (And How To Stop It)

After 47 years of studies and countless brain scans done on more than 2,400 tinnitus patients, scientists at the MIT Institute found that in a shocking 96% of cases, tinnitus was actually shrinking their brain cells.

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The #1 Muscle That Eliminates Joint And Back Pain, Anxiety And Looking Fat

By Mike Westerdal CPT

Can you guess which muscle in your body is the #1 muscle that eliminates joint and back pain, anxiety and looking fat?

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