10 Amazing Benefits Of Ginger

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10 Amazing Benefits Of Ginger
10 Amazing Benefits Of Ginger. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Photo – Wikipedia (PD)

Ginger is a spice that hardly needs introduction: It is popular all over the world. It is used in both savory and sweet dishes, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Many people however are unaware that in recent years a significant amount of scientific study has been done on Ginger and numerous medicinal benefits have been reported from these lab studies.

What’s really astonishing is that the benefits are not limited to one or two ailments, but cover an extraordinarily broad spectrum of uses.

We’ve already dedicated a special herbal page to ginger, reporting on it in great detail; however we discovered a really good blog post about ginger and couldn’t resist sharing it. Jillee has (as usual) gone all-out on this post, listing 10 medicinal benefits, a few of which were new to me also.

We are always secretly pleased when a herbal remedy is is validated by science to do things that it was claimed to do in ancient times. This is happening with remarkable regularity, indicating that we would do well to heed the observations from the ancient herbals. Although much of the information in them is considered inadmissible according to modern scientific research standards, it’s worth observing that they were the result of lifetimes of research on actual human subjects, something that cannot be boasted by modern pharmaceuticals – whose long-term effects are often only discovered too late for those who take them. Often, the books were passed down through generations of physicians, with margin notes being added to the entries for each herb, building up a remarkable body of research…

Without further ado, here is the link to the original article on the 10 Amazing Benefits of Ginger:


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