These 11 Mind Blowing Graphs Show Everything That Is Wrong With The Modern Diet

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These 11 Mind Blowing Graphs Show Everything That Is Wrong With The Modern Diet
Image – American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition via Business Insider

You may have heard much criticism of late concerning “Big Data”. However, it’s not all bad – and in particular, it’s enabling us to learn things about our health that we simply would not have been able to know before. Incidences of cancer can be compared across populations in order to discover patterns that enable us to pinpoint causes. The way we eat and how it is affecting us are able to be known on a macro scale.

The connection between the modern diet and the spiraling levels of obesity and various sicknesses has now been established. This collection of graphs shows just how far we have fallen – especially in regards to areas such as sugar consumption.

It’s important to understand: Although our modern era has ushered in technologies that are immeasurably more advanced than those of old, our bodies are still running on their original hardware. What does this mean? It means that in biological terms we are essentially the same creatures that we were in the pre-agricultural era. Our brains are a little bigger, we are a little taller, but we are not at all biologically adapted to the modern food supply and its massive amounts of grains, sugar, artificial additives, processed oils and plastic-wrapped pre-made meals.

Biological evolution happens slowly – and so it makes sense to match our diets to what our bodies are actually designed for. The paleo diet for example attempts this. But modern science seems to have ignored the whole idea of equilibrium; the idea that we are an ecosystem which has a subtle balance. “If it moves, nuke it” seems to be the adage of modern medicine but rampant overuse of antibiotics has demonstrated that attacking one aspect of the ecosystem weakens the body. Herbalism on the other hand takes a general philosophy of supporting the ecosystem and empowering it to do its job. In a healthy system, disease cannot flourish and massive interference does not improve a system that was already working.

Fruit juice can be amazingly healthy – but we now know that too much fructose can cause problems of its own. Furthermore, fruit juice that has been dehydrated, frozen, shipped, packed, pasteurized and stored is now so unlike what it is supposed to be that it is reconstituted using flavor packs, clouding agents and other additives. They are attempting to create shelf-stable products, not healthy food.

See the full fascinating report and the rest of the 11 graphs (on one page) that highlight where we have gone wrong. I’m taking steps to redress this balance in my diet immediately – are you? Go here:

These 11 Mind Blowing Graphs Show Everything That Is Wrong With The Modern Diet

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