3 VITAL Steps To Control Your Sugar Consumption And Related Health Problems

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Sugar Master Of Disguise
Sugar Master Of Disguise. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Background photo AdobeStock 59883069 (under license).

Do you or anyone you know have tooth decay, uncontrolled weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes, brain health issues such as Alzheimer’s, cancer or sugar cravings?

Despite sugar’s current status as a food item, it could be argued that it is actually a deadly drug. Why? Because it causes physiological and behavioral changes, is addictive (causes cravings), and causes serious health problems for millions of people. Obesity alone is thought to kill 800,000 people a year in the USA – and then add to that diabetes and cancer; which have both been connected to sugar consumption.

One of the problems we face is that manufacturers of food products are continually working to make the list of ingredients of their products as appealing as possible – because these have a huge influence on sales. Sadly there is a dark side to this – and sugar is one of the ingredients given numerous other names. This handy data will help you ‘unmask’ sugar and gain an awareness of what you are eating.

Here are three vital steps to controlling your sugar consumption and related health problems:

First of all it is suggested to consume unprocessed, fresh, real ‘single ingredient foods’ wherever possible – for example organic fruit and vegetables and grass-fed butter.

Second – check your ingredients carefully against our chart so that you are aware of when you are buying sugar-laden products!

Third – understand the nutritional differences between different types of sugar and how they affect you. Here’s a great article the explains the nutritional differences between sugar, coconut sugar (the ‘new kid on the block’) and honey.

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By Mike Westerdal CPT

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