30 Amazing Home Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

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30 Amazing Uses For Hydrogen PeroxidePhoto – OneGoodThingByJillee.com (with permission)

Hydrogen Peroxide is a fascinating substance that has a ton of uses both in the home and in industry. One of the curious things about it is that its chemical formula – H2O2 is almost the same as that of water – H2O… and yet its properties are very different. The most immediate parallel I can think of, from the world of chemistry, is that of carbon – which manifests either as graphite, a black powder, or diamond – an ultra hard crystal.

One of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide is that although it is a powerful oxidizing agent, it contains no toxic chlorine.

We found an amazing tutorial with a list of 30 brilliant uses for hydrogen peroxide around the home. I was quite astonished however to learn that these are a mere fraction of the possible uses for hydrogen peroxide. The list of its industrial uses is amazing. One of the principal uses is in paper bleaching – and it is considered a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to the old chlorine-based bleaching. Did you know that in concentrated form, hydrogen peroxide is used as rocket propellant? Fortunately, consumer brands of H2O2 are typically diluted to between 3 and 6%!

A quick safety note – hydrogen peroxide should be handled with appropriate care. Follow the safety instructions on the bottle.

Here, then, is the link to the full list of 30 uses:



Hydrogen peroxide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_peroxide

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21 thoughts on “30 Amazing Home Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. I am finding your blog very useful and informative. Keep the info coming thanx.

  2. i accidentely spilt peroxide on my bathroom floor is now my new cleaner for grout love it, dog got sprayed by skunk mixed baking soda with peroxide with dawn lemon dish soap washed into hair love it nice and white plus no smell of skunk at all

  3. I have been using Hydrogen Peroxide 35%food grade for over 25 years. I dilute it to a 3% to Ozinated water and drink it. I also use it in my Organic garden, in the roots and as a spray.

  4. I use it to remove blood stains as they happen. As long as the blood cells are active it will bubble them out of anything!

  5. The Big Nutritional Myth
    Sorry but thinking you can clean the pesticides and herbicides using hydrogen peroxide is a myth. It does not work and never will work .

    Let me explain. All plant life is systemic in nature. This means that the plant absorbs the chemical directly through its root system and into the interior cell wall structure of the plant itself. The plant becomes part of the chemical literally and you can never wash surface residues that do not exist off this kind of tainted produce.

    Holistic Chef Barry

  6. Not many people like to try this, but if you mix a little peroxide with a couple of water and gargle with it, it will help A LOT with a sore throat. Don’t swallow it, just gargle. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and it works really well.

  7. To holistic chef…a plant feeds 95% through the leaves. 5% through the roots. Check out Acres USA.com

  8. Holistic chef, I’m sorry but your information is a little gibberish to say the least. H202 can and is used, especially in hydroponic systems and industries, to flush chemicals and residual salts out of the plants system. Also, you’ll find the the majority of plants cells are carbon, water, nitrogen… The plant does not become part of the chemical H202 once it’s been flushed.
    People these days, everyone’s an expert but has literally no idea!

  9. And to the poster above me, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Those figures are almost entirely the other way around. The root system is the most important part of a plant. Defoliate a plant, it’ll grow back, cut it’s rooted off, goodbye.

  10. Another use for hydrogen peroxide, it cleans stains on teeth and fillings, I use 10% peroxide with baking soda, Method . . . . . . . . wet toothbrush first, drip some H.P. on to toothbrush dip into baking soda, brush up and down And accross the gumline, rinse well then clean using toothpaste to freshen breath. Don’t splash your clothes. X X Chrissie.

  11. I do not think Hydrogen Peroxide many such features
    Previously I just used it to clean floors, toilets or clothes
    But after reading the article, I found that it was doing so much more

  12. WARNING*** NEVER USE ON DEEP OPEN WOUNDS. You can use it once immediately after injury occurs to disinfect the wound but never again.

    I used it daily on a deep cut on my foot. I changed the dressing every day as well. Not only did the would remain open for nearly a year. it increased in size.

    Finally I went to a wound specialist who informed me that hydrogen peroxide inhibits the growth of new tissue in the wound if used every day.

    It eventually got infected, gangrenous and ultimately sepsis. I lost my foot above the ankle. Now I’m an amputee. Deep wounds should be treated with sterile saline and loose, breathable dressings only.
    Combined with oral antibiotics.

    I was an idiot who thought hydrogen peroxide would speed healing. Instead it oxidized and killed newly forming cells as well as the bacteria.

    Use it responsibly. The label warns not to use in deep wounds. I did not read it.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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