Amazing 8-Minute Abs Workout Video

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Amazing 8-Minute Abs Workout
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In this awesome video by Jamie Alderton, an ex-military man turned model and fitness expert, you will be taught how to achieve the abs of your dreams, through a simply daily 8-minute workout routine.

This is the perfect workout for those people who desire to be in shape but do not have the luxury of time. There is no excuse for you now, because this video will teach you how to achieve a healthier and leaner body, sparing just 8 minutes of your time, every day.

Among numerous videos that guarantee great abs in a short amount of time, this particular video has been a favourite by lots of fitness enthusiasts, not just because Jamie Alderton has a fit and toned body that can inspire viewers, but also because it is a video that you can easily sync with. You can view the video on your TV screen, laptop, tablet, or phone and actually do the workout as you play the video. It is a timed video and it is straight to the point. It does not talk about a lot of other unnecessary details and it directly gets into the business of helping you get those to-die-for abs.

The routine may also be short, but it hits the right spots for achieving abs – your core and side obliques.

The general instruction is simple: you have to perform 4 types of exercises for 8 minutes straight, with each exercise lasting for 30 seconds. That means the whole set has to be repeated four times, in order to reach the 8-minute mark.

The types of exercises are as follows:

Half Sit-Ups – this exercise is a slightly modified version of the famous sit-ups, wherein instead of bringing your upper body all the way to your knees, you only raise your upper body high enough for your shoulders to be parallel with your knees. This exercise focuses on the lower abdomen.

Straight Leg Raises – as the name implies, you lie down on your back and raise your straight legs upward, until your feet are vertically parallel with your pelvic area.

Plank Position – this exercise is your chance to rest, as no motion is involved. You are only required to maintain the proper planking position for 30 seconds, before proceeding to the last type of exercise.

Knee Crunches in Plank Position – from plank position, you have to bring one knee towards your core, then switch to the other knee. This is kind of like performing a cycling motion only you are in a planking position.

When the last exercise is done, you repeat the entire set four more times, until the 8-minute routine is done. NOTE – the usual safety rules apply – consult your doctor before commencing a new regimen, especially if you are preexisting health conditions. Also, start gently and warm up your routine rather than attacking your body and risking injury.

One I would add which I have found immensely valuable is the side plank – which is fairly self explanatory. Rest on one elbow, keep the torso straight and point the free arm vertically towards the sky. You can raise and lower the torso and also lift the upper leg for a more intense workout. “Rotating” slowly between regular and side plank positions gives an additional movement workout.

Play this video, and start working on your abs right now:

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