Big Pharma Toxic Drugs Will Kill 45000% More People Than Global Warming By The Year 2100

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Big Pharma Toxic Drugs Will Kill 45,000% More People Than Global Warming By 2100
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Recent studies and research [1][2] have shocked the world with announcements that an estimated 260,000 people would die prematurely by the year 2100 as a result of global warming. However the massive media attention that this “soundbite” garnered has eclipsed other information that would put this issue into an entirely different perspective.

While the death toll because of global warming and resulting heat stress, unavailability of clean food and water, natural disasters, and even the rapid spread of infectious diseases is high, it is most definitely not higher than deaths caused by the global pharmaceutical industry a.k.a. Big Pharma. While name itself has become pejorative in nature, this is not without reason. Every year the health care industry suffers from 250,000 deaths because of medical errors. That’s the same number of deaths that global warming is expected to cause between now and 2100. But for the health care industry, that quarter of a million deaths happens each year. [3]

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, just under heart disease and cancer. A large number of these medical errors can be blamed on pharmaceutic products, not just drugs, and a lack of information and training given to health care workers. The 250,000 tally is undercutting it to be honest. Those numbers were reported by a study conducted by Hopkins on data from 2000 to 2008 and the millions of hospital admissions on 2013. The actual number is expected to be much higher. [4]

Each year there are more and more drugs made available on the market, not just in hospitals and out patient clinics but at your local pharmacy or even supermarket. Big pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars each year on chemotherapy, antibiotics, and yes, vaccines. While these drugs were initially made in order to treat disease, you cannot deny that a billion-dollar business is what it is: a business. Google the words Big Pharma and you will be met with countless articles on drug-related deaths and big companies paying off patients and their families, hospitals, and even politicians to keep silent.

Back in 2007, there were approximately 27,000 deaths caused by unintentional drug overdose in the United States. That’s one death every 19 minutes. Prescription opioid analgesics are the biggest culprit, causing more deaths than illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. While drug overdoses are not entirely caused by Big Pharma, the lack of information on the dangers of taking medication that earns a company millions of dollars in revenue makes you think twice about where to point the finger. [5]

Just that alone is over 2.1 million by the year 2100. And people want to tell us that herbalism is dangerous?

But out of all the drugs produced by Big Pharma, chemotherapy is one of the most dangerous and controversial. Any person who has been diagnosed with cancer basically receives a life sentence. Some may live a few months at best without any medical intervention while others receive a few weeks if not days left to live. Chemotherapy treatment is often the only route offered by doctors – if a patient wants to test his or her luck with medication that kills both cancer cells and healthy cells. In 2006, O’Brien, et. al. studied mortality rates due to chemotherapy within a 30-day period over 6 months. The researchers found that out of almost 2000 people who received chemotherapy, 161 died within 30 days. 77 percent of these deaths were caused by disease progression — meaning the chemotherapy did not work at all and instead caused the death of the patient. 7.5 percent was caused directly the chemotherapeutic drug, and 4.3 percent was caused by sepsis, a condition characterized by severe infection because chemotherapy causes your immune system to shut down. The remaining 15.5 percent? The cause is unknown. [6]

The number of deaths attributed directly to the pharmaceutical industry is in the millions. Chemotherapy alone makes up 90 percent of these deaths but the numbers are usually attributed to deaths caused by the disease itself (as “cancer deaths”) instead of chemotherapy deaths. In 2018, close to 10 million deaths were attributed to cancer (exactly 9.6 million) but how many of those deaths were caused by chemotherapy?

If we take the data from O’Brien’s study in 2006 and apply it to the number of people killed by cancer, let’s say 10 percent was due to chemotherapy (if we average the 7.5 percent of chemotherapy-related mortality and 15.5 percent of unknown causes). That’s approx one million deaths each year due to chemotherapy alone. The same numbers are pretty spot-on with the data on With a million deaths each year, we can expect an estimate of more than 100 million deaths by 2100 because of chemotherapy. If you add other causes of death that can be attributed to Big Pharma, we can estimate roughly 120 to 130 million deaths by 2100 due to pharmaceutical drugs. That’s a staggering 45,000% higher than estimated deaths due to global warming (which is just a quarter of a million). [7]

These numbers may frighten you but it is the truth. For some, pharmaceutical drugs may save their lives. But for others, they are a death sentence. Check the references to see the statistics that this article is based on.


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