How To Make Flavored Iced Teas Of All Kinds

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How To Make Flavored Iced Teas
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If you’re a fan of iced tea, then you are bound to enjoy our most recent discovery: The “mother ship” of flavored iced tea recipes! What struck me immediately was the sheer diversity of options that are presented here. You have everything you need to be a true “iced tea pro”.

For example – you aren’t limited to just one category of flavoring ingredients. You can use fresh herbs (such as peppermint), spices, fruit juices… and even (get this) jams, if you’re so inclined, (using a tea basket to put the jam in). That’s pretty innovative, you have to admit! There are so many varieties included in the list that you ought never to be bored.

I was entertained to note that there is some real “rule breaking” going on here. Caramel sauce in iced tea? It’s legal – though here at Herbs Info we would of course advise you to go sugar-free and artificial-sweetener free for best health. You don’t need sugar, it has negative health consequences and your taste buds will soon get used to going without it. Just do it, and pretty soon you will find you enjoy your drinks’ taste just as much. 😉

Experimentation seems to be the rule of the day here. So I will add one thing – there’s no reason to limit yourself just to iced tea: Why not explore some of these recipes using hot tea?

If you’re going to use cinnamon, do your best to get true cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) as opposed to Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia). Much of the cinnamon that is consumed in the West is actually cassia – which is substituted owing to its lesser cost.

Please note that some of the recipes include alcohol as an optional extra and so they are of course for those of legal drinking age only.

I only have one more point of critique regarding these iced tea recipes: the author suggests using tap water! If you have never experienced the difference between the taste of tea using tap water and using still mineral water or simply filtered water, you owe it to yourself to try it now. Not to mention the fact that tap water has recently come under further criticism owing to the risk of its containing pesticide residues.

Equip yourself with some decent water, some decent tea and let us know how you get on with these fun experimental iced tea recipes!

Ok here is the link to the full page of iced tea recipes:

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