How To Oil Pull For Naturally White Teeth And A Healthy Body

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This is a GREAT oil pulling tutorial from holistichabits which not only teaches you the correct way to do it, but also contains some solid explanations of the numerous health benefits of oil pulling. And how can you resist that sparkling smile? This young lady is clearly in glowing health so listen up! 😉

One thing I found very interesting was the comment from a professional dental hygienist on the video – she wrote: “I’ve seen people come back [to the dentist’s] with virtually no plaque or stain on their teeth after oil pulling, as well as reduced tartar and gingivitis. It’s a great option for people who have sensitive teeth and aren’t able to bleach due to those side effects.”

Oil pulling is one of those tasks that takes a bit of self discipline. Just do it! I’m in agreement over the suggestion to multi-task. Just oil pulling alone would be boring, but there are so many other things you can do at the same time.

Coconut oil is advised as the best oil to use for pulling, followed by sesame. One important tip – don’t spit the coconut oil down the sink after you are done – because it hardens when cold and over time could possibly end up causing the sink to block. Very hot water down the sink will of course help here.

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By Mike Westerdal CPT

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This is especially important if you spend a significant amount of time sitting every day (I do, and this really affects me in a big way!)

Working this "hidden survival muscle" that most people are simply not training because no-one ever taught them how will boost your body shape, energy levels, immune system, sexual function, strength and athletic performance when unlocked.

If this "hidden" most powerful primal muscle is healthy, we are healthy.


Is it...

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6 thoughts on “How To Oil Pull For Naturally White Teeth And A Healthy Body

  1. Great video. I’ve oil pulled for about a year ir so, and I usually shoot for 25 minutes with my favorite coconut oil.

  2. I’ve pulled for over a year now. I use coconut oil. 3 – 4x a week, in the morning. I’ve gone to 2 dental cleanings and both times my dental hygienist was very impressed! The cleaning was quick and easy – hardly any scraping. I asked and she said only 1 other person had told her they were doing it. Thank you for the info!! GREAT VIDEO!!!

  3. I use Sesame oil with two drops of clove and or oregano essential oil first thing in the morning, now for two years. It works.

  4. I prefer the taste of sedate oil and have been oil pulling for about a month. Thanks for the info. Great job explaining.

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