Important Study Finds Increased Consumption Of Mushrooms And Green Tea By Women Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer

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Important Study Finds Increased Consumption Of Mushrooms And Green Tea By Women Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancerimages: mushroom © dream79 –; green tea © BRAD –

Breast cancer is tragically one of the most causes of death among women. 1 in 8 U.S. women develop an invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. [1] It is extremely important to detect any possible cancer formation as early as possible to prevent it from spreading outside the breast. However, doctors also advise people to take whatever steps they can to prevent cancer in the first place.

Since epithelial cancers, such as breast cancer, takes up to 20 years to develop, most people can improve their diets and incorporate healthy foods that research has indicated may have cancer-preventing qualities. [2] One of these foods, according to recent research, turns out to be an unexpected food combination – mushrooms and green tea – not at the same time, but both being included in the diet.

Mushrooms As A Cancer-Preventing Food

Numerous studies have said that eating mushrooms on a regular basis reduces the risk of acquiring breast cancer. A study conducted in China among pre- and post-menopausal women showed that an increased intake of mushrooms combined with green tea has significantly lowered breast cancer risk and had a reduced effect on the malignancy. [3]

Most breast tumors are responsive to estrogen because it’s what makes them grow. Mushrooms contain natural aromatase inhibitors, which are substances that can block the production of estrogen in the body. [4] Eating mushrooms regularly may help in preventing breast cancer from growing and spreading, if it is dependent on estrogen to grow.

When asked which type of mushroom has the best antioxidant, immune-enhancing, and possible direct anti-tumor effects, Dr. Donald Abrams, an oncologist from the San Francisco Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, stated “Mushrooms are good medicine. Cook them well before eating them and enjoy a variety rather than any one specific type.” [4]

Green Tea Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Along with mushrooms, green tea is also said to be effective in breast cancer prevention according to a study conducted by Li Min-Jing, et al. Breast cancer rates were found to be lower in Asia than in any other part of the world, probably because Asians consume tea more frequently. Aside from preventing cancer, green tea also boosts the immune system and gets rid of toxins in the body. [5]

The predominant polyphenols found in green tea – EGCG, EGC, ECG, and EC – show antioxidant activity and protect cells from DNA damage caused by reactive oxygen species and UVB radiation, and may modulate immune system function. Tea catechins have also shown to inhibit tumor cell invasiveness. [6]

Combining The Two In The Diet Has Best Results:

In the aforementioned study conducted in China, the researchers found out that the combination of mushrooms and green tea in the diet has significantly decreased the breast cancer risk among women from ages 20 to 87 years old. [3] This means that when both mushrooms and green tea are incorporated in a woman’s regular diet from an early age, the risk of getting breast cancer would be best reduced.


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