Mediterranean Diet’s Anti-Aging Effect Can Be Seen On DNA

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Mediterranean Diet’s Anti-Aging Effect Can Be Seen On DNA
Mediterranean Diet’s Anti-Aging Effect Can Be Seen On DNA
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After analyzing 41 years worth of data, researchers have now discovered that the benefits of the Mediterranean diet go well beyond the scope of nutrition and into the realm of cellular DNA….

“The Mediterranean diet” is defined as typically including high consumption of fruits (especially tomatoes), vegetables, and cereals, heavy use of olive oil, moderate consumption of red meats, poultry and fish, and wine in moderation. [1]

The diet has long been touted as a healthy way of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and has enjoyed a cult following due to its ease of preparation and palatability.

Researchers measured the long-term effects of the diet by taking note of its influence on biological markers, specifically, a person’s telomere length. Telomeres are the parts of a person’s chromosomes that get shorter with each cell replication. The shorter the telomeres, the earlier a person is expected to die. [2]

By observing the samples taken from over 121,700 participants since 1976, they were able to determine that those who adhered to the Mediterranean diet did, in fact, have longer telomeres. What’s even more astounding is that those who adhered to the diet better showed higher scores than those who veered away slightly. [3]

The impact of the study is certainly a positive one. Take the fact that the Mediterranean diet itself has been shown to reduce the occurrence of stroke, heart disease, memory problems, and bone loss, coupled with its ability to maintain long telomeres and we now have a strong case that the diet is a truly an anti-aging marvel. [4][5][6]


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