Number Of Accidental Poisoning Deaths From Herbal Medicines In One Year? Zero

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Number Of Deaths From Herbal Medicines
Number Of Deaths From Herbal Medicines – Zero. Graphic © Statistic source – see ref [1]

Looking at this statistic from the authoritative American Association of Poison Control Centers, I think we can safely say that herbal medicine probably won’t kill you. The other stuff…? Well, it might.

Even more shocking: In addition to the statistic in the infographic, adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs kill a staggering 106,000 U.S. hospital patients per year and cause a further 2.2 million serious, nonfatal problems. [2]

So much for the short term problems. But what about long term effects? With “modern” pharmaceuticals – who knows, really? The majority of tests of new medicines are short term (sometimes as little as 90 days) and there is absolutely NO WAY OF KNOWING what will happen to you in 30 years time as a result of having taken that med. It is quite literally uncharted territory.

Many pharmaceutical medicines from the 1950s-1980s are now BANNED due to unforeseen adverse health effects. Example: Equagesic, which is now banned in the USA but was commonly used in the 1970’s-80’s. [3] They pumped my mother full of this stuff in the 80’s – and it messed her up. I remember the side effects. She’s no longer with us (for other reasons, but I am sure that Equagesic did not help one bit). Equagesic was also be reported to be what caused the cerebral edema that killed none other than Bruce Lee. If allergic reaction to a pharmaceutical can take a super-athlete like that down, God help the rest of us…

I just don’t get why people think it’s a good idea to put this stuff in your body. Because someone tells you that you should?

On the other hand, herbs have been around for thousands of years. Our bodies are evolutionarily designed to handle them as we have developed alongside these plants into the creatures we currently are – for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. Animals and plants have been living in a complex symbiosis for aeons and yet it has all been pushed aside by “scientists” who have the strange notion that anything that is ancient must be foolish, and anything that is modern must be wise.

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[1] Here’s the statistic source for the infographic: American Association of Poison Control Centers Annual Report. (page 1047)



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