Ginger Press: An Amazing Natural Pain Killer

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You’ll love this simple ginger press we discovered as a natural home remedy for pain! 🙂 It’s a traditional remedy for osteoarthritis pain. The ginger press also requires two other ingredients – garlic and salt. One thing to note right away – it should not be used for open wounds.

Ginger is one of our most revered natural remedies and is used for all kinds of things – including cold and flu home remedies. It is also one of the toothache remedies listed on our page Top 13 Herbal Treatments For Toothache

Ginger’s pain relieving properties have been known about since old times. It was used as an anti-inflammatory herb by the Chinese since ancient times, and is used to target pain caused by arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps and muscle soreness. As is often the way with herbs, the science that validates this old use of ginger has of course only been researched fairly recently.

Ginger is however now being taken seriously within scientific circles as a pain remedy: A recent (2012) human study found that ginger “significantly lowered” arthritic pain, and was reported to be “as effective as diclofenac but safer”. [1]

Ok, here is the link to the full ginger press tutorial:

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We’ve also collected a few links to scientific studies on the effects of ginger on pain and inflammation:

“Ginger compress therapy for adults with osteoarthritis” [2]

“Acute effects of dietary ginger on muscle pain induced by eccentric exercise” [3]

“Effects of a ginger extract on knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis” [4]

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