Scientist Discovers How To Shatter Cancer With Resonant Frequencies

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Here’s an astonishing TED talk in which researcher Anthony Holland claims to have discovered the ability of Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to destroy cancer cells (and MRSA) in laboratory experiments. We’ve also linked at the foot of the article to a collection of scientific studies listed on Pubmed that focus on healing diseases with frequencies.

“If you had spent millions of dollars developing a new drug that had killed this many cancer cells, it would be a home run.” – stated one scientist. However the researcher was a music professor, not a chemist – and he used his knowledge of resonant frequencies to kill cancer cells.

Resonant frequencies are known for their power to cause damage. There have been several examples throughout modern history of trained opera singers who are able to shatter wine glasses with their voice power. However in order for this trick to work, the singer must sing the exact note that is the “resonant frequency” of the glass. Numerous other historical examples include bridges being broken by resonant frequency undulation.

The researchers used a special device called a Plasma Antenna in order to test frequencies in the search for one that would destroy only the cancer cells through resonant frequency. Over the course of fifteen months of initial research they tested frequencies until they found that two combined frequencies, one eleven times higher than the other, had the effect of causing certain organisms to disintegrate within about 3 minutes.

However, this is indiscriminate: One of the interesting challenges of cancer research is that of selectively targeting the cancer cells. As is very well known, mainstream cancer treatments can have terrible and even fatal side effects due to the difficulty of selective toxicity – the best hope of the treatment often being to “kill the cancer but not the patient”. The ideal cancer treatment would be one that kills only cancer cells, and leaves the body’s healthy cells unharmed.

Could it be that cancer cells, being a different organism to the body’s healthy cells, have a unique resonant frequency that can be targeted? It turns out that the answer is yes – and the video demonstrates that specific frequencies can target specific organisms.

As a result of this initial research, the team were invited to work for four months in a cancer lab. They established that cancer cells are vulnerable to frequencies between 100kHz and 300kHz. These ultrasound frequencies are far beyond the range of human hearing.

The researchers also found that they could eliminate antibiotic resistance in MRSA.

A couple of additional points. 1) This is not the first time that sound has been suggested as a therapy in this regard. The presenter does not mention the work of Royal Raymond Rife – who did pioneering (yet controversial) work on this field several years before. 2) The renowned American psychic Edgar Cayce stated that sound would be the “medicine of the future”.

Peer-reviewed clinical studies re: targeting cancer with “frequencies” via electromagnetic fields:

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Further Related Scientific Studies:

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Scientist Discovers How To Shatter Cancer With Resonant Frequencies
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