The DIRTY Truth About Canola Oil

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The DIRTY Truth about Canola OilPhoto © junpinzon –

To tell the truth, I’ve been a little confused (like many people) about canola oil for a while: Some people are saying “it’s fine, don’t listen to the rants” and others are saying “seriously do not touch it with a ten foot pole!”
So I was planning on researching / writing my own report on canola oil but have been holding off. Then I found Mike Geary’s page and I thought “The quest is over! Here are the goods.” I don’t need to write my own because his is what I would call “authoritative” – for sure the best I have seen. This is important information, absolutely worth ten minutes of your time.
Now Mike is no “ordinary Joe” in the fitness world. His nutrition and fitness training products are best sellers in his market and for good reason – he knows his stuff. He also has an approach to the subject which resonates deeply with my own: That optimum health and fitness cannot be built around pills and exotic gadgets, but is built upon a solid foundation of high quality “real food” and “old school” workouts.
Ok, here is the link to the report:

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The #1 Muscle That Eliminates Joint And Back Pain, Anxiety And Looking Fat

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19 thoughts on “The DIRTY Truth About Canola Oil

  1. Oh dear!
    Just bought a bottle. Have to bin it. Thanks for this. Stopped using margarine as well. Only butter.Feeling better. No more diet products they contain aspartame which is very harmful. hair loss, weight gain, muscle pain etc. Tell people and they laugh at you. Have to be very careful what one puts into your body!
    Thanks again, keep exposing what is harmful.

  2. Education is the key. I always put it on my profile, maybe at least one person will read it. When I say I am using butter they think i am crazy. People believe what is advertised in tv :((

  3. This really does irritate me to no limit! Here I thought I was eating healthy and giving my family something good in the meals I prepare. Why so much cover up…only to sell the product. I’m going back to my EVOO and will stay with it from this day forward. To the trash Canola oil!!

  4. Is grapeseed oil a good cooking oil? I’ve been trying to eat better and have learned about some of these other oils not being good for you. It’s too bad that all these good for you oils are so expensive. You have to treat them like gold.

    1. Yes, you can. Growing your own food is cheap. Buying your own organic rice and learning to cook it well is cheap. Get the basics down and you can save more money for the more expensive items. I lived well below the poverty line for 10+ years and ate organic the whole time.

  5. Julie, Grapeseed oil is good for cooking at low temps…… Something BETTER is Coconut Oil, unfractionated. Margerine is ONE molecule away from being plastic. Canola oil, is produced from rapeseed,I knew another blog, from shoot over 10 yrs ago, talking about how it stained clothing, NOTHING could get it out. What do you think it does to the human body?? Hello, Cholesterol …. and NOT in a good way

  6. I understand the context of what’s been said, but this leaves me with a problem. I am allergic to coconut, and I’m also lactose intolerant. I use olive oil on a regular basis, but I’ve also read about most of the good properties that are gone within 6 months – usually about the time it hits U.S. markets. Does anyone have any information about California olive oil and its freshness versus overseas products?

  7. I do like grape seed oil you can use if for frying were olive oil you cant and has almost no flavor to change the taste of your food.

  8. Grapeseed oil, coconut oil and oluve oil come from a plant tree. They are supposed to be the best!!!

  9. Well What about vegetable oil ?
    I was using corn it turned out to be bad changed
    to canola only to find out is bad also

  10. You will often find with commercial products that the availability of the science is manipulated. It’s an old game and you have to dig deeper than what is fed to you.

  11. You shouldn’t cook with olive oil except at low temperatures. Its smoke point is very low and once it smokes it is more harmful than good for you. I’ve been using coconut oil and butter for cooking but I wish I knew more about sunflower oil, peanut oil, etc in terms of cooking.

  12. hahaha! vilma i like your comments oils come from plant tree,, all are the BEST. i shifted to canola oil for so many years but im still healthy. the Best is Virgin Coconut oil…. try it guys

  13. Our great grand parents in Africa used coconut oil and they lived long and healthy but this days, we have embraced different kind of imported oils which has brought with it lots of western diseases. Coconut oil is the best.

  14. Grape Seed oil is very healthy…use all the time. It is very light oil but is great for frying, baking and sautating.’ll

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