15 Foods That Have (Almost!) No Calories And Have Many Nutrients

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15 Foods That Have (Almost!) No Calories And Have Many Nutrients
Graphic: © herbs-info.com. Image sources – see foot of article.

1. Brussel Sprouts: These are highly nutritious vegetables. They can be prepared raw or cooked. Studies have shown that the high vitamin C content1 in Brussels sprouts protects against DNA damage. [1] They have only roughly 38 calories per cup. [2]

2. Onions: Onions are either white, yellow, or red – but all have few calories. For about 110 grams of an onion, there are roughly 44 calories. [3]

3. Watermelon: A well-known source of good taste and hydration, watermelons provide almost every nutrient one would need, including vitamin C. Over 150 grams should contain 46 calories. [4]

4. Celery: Celery is well known for having low calories. [5] It has high water content, with a calorie count of just 18 calories in over 100 grams.

5. Cabbage: Either purple (yes they exist) or green, cabbage is a staple of many salads. This would probably be because of its calorie count of around 20 per 90 grams. [6]

6. Mushrooms: Mushrooms, specifically white mushrooms, is often used as a replacement for meat by vegetarians and vegans. For all the nutrients they offer, they have a low-calorie count of 15 for every 70 grams or so. [7]

7. Cucumber: Another staple in salads, cucumbers are very low in calories, with 8 for 52 grams. [8] They are high in water content.

8. Zucchini: Zucchinis are low in calories with 18 for every 124 grams. They have become increasingly popular, especially as a replacement for noodles, which are high in calories.

9. Apples: An apple a day, right? For one cup of apple slices, there are 57 calories. [9] However, digesting apples in itself requires energy, reducing the calorie count even further.

10. Cauliflower: For one cup, cauliflower has 25 calories and roughly 5 grams of carbs. [10] Cauliflower has substituted other high-carb foods and has enjoyed a surge in popularity.

11. Asparagus: Asparagus, especially the purple variant, has compounds that help prevent heart disease. [11] There are 24 calories in 134 grams of asparagus.

12. Carrots: Associated with good eyesight, carrots are a good source of vitamin A. For one serving of about 128 grams, there are 53 calories. [12]

13. Kale: These leafy sources of nutrition have only 34 calories per serving.

14. Oranges: Oranges and other tropical fruits are very nutritious and a great source of vitamin C.

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15. Broccoli: One serving has 31 calories and more vitamin C than a human’s daily requirement. [13]

Please note that this content should never be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.


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15 Foods That Have (Almost!) No Calories And Have Many Nutrients
Graphic ©herbs-info.com. Image sources – see foot of article.

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