6 Simple Remedies To Stop Snoring Permanently

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6 Simple Remedies To Stop Snoring Permanently
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Long considered as a nuisance, especially by others who share the room, snoring occurs when your breathing becomes obstructed during sleep. However, snoring is not just a harmless noise and has been linked with various health problems.

There are several factors that cause snoring including anatomical abnormalities, alcohol use, smoking, obesity, allergies, and upper respiratory infections.

Some serious snoring conditions can require medical intervention, but mild cases of snoring do not need fancy medication and drastic measures to stop them. Here are six ways in which you can cut out the snoring using natural solutions and implementing lifestyle changes.

1. Change Your Sleep Position

Sleeping on your back results in snoring because of the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat; creating a vibrating sound during sleep. To address this problem, sleeping on your side is advised. The influence of sleep position on snoring was explored by a study published in the journal Positional Therapy Obstructive Sleep Apnea. [1]

2. Lose Weight

Weight loss may help people who started snoring after they have gained weight. If you added some weight around your neck, the internal diameter of your throat is squeezed, making it more likely to collapse during sleep. The effect of weight loss program on breathing parameters during sleep was posited by a 1999 study [2] that appeared in the journal Sleep Breath.

3. Avoid Alcohol

The link between alcohol consumption and a higher risk of mild or worse sleep-disordered breathing was determined in a 2007 study [3] reported in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Another study [4] supported the direct correlation between the increased tendency to develop obstructive apnea and alcohol ingestion.

4. Reduce Bedroom Allergens

Nasal congestion / inflammation caused by allergies is one of the common causes [5] of snoring. To keep your bedroom free of irritants, replace old pillows every six months, vacuum the room regularly, keep animals out of the bed, and wash sheets and pillowcases every week.

5. Stay Hydrated

Snoring also happens when mucus is created in the mouth and throat due to dehydration. Drinking enough fluids during the day is imperative to prevent this. An intake of 2.5 liters of water [6] and 2 liters of water for men and women is recommended, respectively.

6. Get More Exercise

You can manage snoring by getting a healthy amount of exercise every day. Exercise is a valuable way to help your throat maintain its proper shape during sleep. A 2006 study [7] revealed the value of aerobic exercise programs for the prevention and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing in overweight children.


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