British Medical Journal Announces Hypoallergenic Baby Milk Research “Fraudulent”, Retracts Paper

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British Medical Journal Announces Hypoallergenic Baby Milk Research Fraudulent
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SHOCKING news just announced by the prestigious British Medical Journal as they report that the original scientific research used by Nestlé and other manufacturers when creating the multi-million dollar market for so-called hypoallergenic formulas was fraudulent. [1][2]

The BMJ stated that the research had all the hallmarks of being entirely invented. It turns out that the researcher, Ranjit Chandra fabricated the data on study participants who didn’t exist. [3]

Even more damning, the BMJ implicates that Chandra may have been getting secret kickbacks from the industry – due to the presence of large, unexplained sums of hidden money in his possession: The BMJ notes that he had amassed around $2m “stashed away in what was described as a labyrinth of bank accounts and financial transactions.” It was regarded as doubtful that “these large sums, which included deposits in offshore accounts, could have come from teaching and medical practice income, or canny investments.” [1]

This announcement hasn’t stopped infant formula companies from making suspect claims about their products and their shameless marketing of products that discourage mothers from breastfeeding. A recent Nestlé advertisement has claimed that hypoallergenic formula is “clinically proven” to reduce the risk of milk allergies, despite reports that an independent study in 2011 showed no such benefit. [3]

Infant formula has been heavily criticized in recent years and this is another black mark that will no doubt damage reputations further.

Industry-funded studies have been demonstrated to be far more likely to support health benefits of the products of the company providing the funds. This sadly throws the whole “scientific” process into disrepute.

It’s absolutely essential that science is independent from industry association and that lawmakers no longer permit companies to self-regulate when it comes to the “proof” of the safety of their work. There’s so much money on the table however that maintaining a neutral position is a formidable task.


[1] Ranjit Chandra: how reputation bamboozled the scientific community (BMJ, 2015).

[2] Nestlé launches new hypoallergenic formula promotion campaign as BMJ finally retracts fraudulent research that built the market. – Baby Milk Action, 29 Oct 2015.

[3] Science by the Chemical Industry, for the Chemical Industry Must Stop – Huffington Post.

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