Monsanto To Go On Trial For Crimes Against Humanity And The Environment

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Monsanto To Go On Trial For Crimes Against Humanity And The Environment
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At a press conference held in conjunction with the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, The Organic Consumers Association (OCA), IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI), and Millions Against Monsanto, joined by dozens of global food, farming and environmental justice groups have announced that they will put Monsanto MON (NYSE), a US-based transnational corporation, on trial for crimes against nature and humanity, and ecocide, in The Hague, Netherlands, next year on World Food Day, October 16, 2016.

Numerous well-known experts spoke on the panel – including Marie-Monique Robin, journalist and author of the best-selling documentary and book “The World According To Monsanto“.

Andre Leu, president of IFOAM and a member of the RI Steering Committee, stated: “Monsanto is able to ignore the human and environmental damage caused by its products, and maintain its devastating activities through a strategy of systemic concealment: by lobbying regulatory agencies and governments, by resorting to lying and corruption, by financing fraudulent scientific studies, by pressuring independent scientists, and by manipulating the press and media. Monsanto’s history reads like a text-book case of impunity, benefiting transnational corporations and their executives, whose activities contribute to climate and biosphere crises and threaten the safety of the planet.”

Monsanto’s products include:

• PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). PCB production was banned by the United States Congress in 1979 and by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001. Nearly 30 years after PCBs were banned from the USA, they are still showing up in the blood of pregnant women, as reported in a 2011 study.

• DDT. In 1944, Monsanto became one of the first manufacturers of the insecticide DDT to combat malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. In 1972, DDT was banned throughout the U.S.

• 2,4,5 T (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid), a dioxin-containing component of the defoliant Agent Orange, which was used by the US Army during the Vietnam War. Now banned.

• Lasso aka. Alachlor – an herbicide that is now banned in the European Union but is the second most widely used herbicide in the USA.

• RoundUp

– and many more.

Read the full report from Organic Consumers’ Association:

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  1. Its About Time. Really, is what Comes To Mind… First; and quite honestly it is! I’m (and everyone else is) sick and tired of the manipulation of the Press the Government’s, and the Press by this dishonest and crooked company! I am so happy that it is in Norway, that the trial is taking place, too boot! Finally, I feel that justice will be served…
    I’m looking forward to watching this drama unfold, and I’m hoping that “Some heads are gonna roll!”

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