Harvesting And Using Dandelion Roots

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Harvesting And Using Dandelion Roots
Harvesting And Using Dandelion Roots. Image – CommonSenseHome.com (with permission)

We discovered a fantastic page over at Common Sense Home that gives a tutorial on how to harvest and use dandelion roots. The link follows after our introduction to the topic. We’ve also included several other links to other pages on dandelions so that you can learn all about this interesting and useful plant!

Dandelions, the wonderful yellow flowers that are adored by children and cursed by lawn owners, are in fact one of the most versatile of herbs – with numerous uses for the flowers, leaves and even the roots! It’s a sad fact that they are sprayed and destroyed in such great numbers by people who have no knowledge of their real value and virtues.

Not only can dandelion plants be used in an astonishingly wide variety of delicious recipes but they have a tremendous number of uses in herbal medicine – and have been employed by herbalists since very ancient times. Dandelion is commonly listed in ancient herbals (this link is to our giant “master list” of ancient herbal textbooks).

A search of Pubmed shows over 500 scientific papers reporting on the various properties of dandelion and there are some very interesting results. A few of the studies have found antidepressant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects for dandelion or its extracted components. A new 2014 study found evidence that one dandelion species (Taraxacum mongolicum) had an effect against Hepatitis B in human cells.

There are many, many more. Pubmed is my standard “go to” source for herbal research and a fast way to catch up on the actual scientific work that has been done.

Here are some more interesting dandelion links from our website:
https://www.herbs-info.com/dandelion.html – our main dandelion “mega page” with herbal uses, scientific studies and records of dandelion from old herbal texts.
How To Make Violet And Dandelion “Spring Tonic” Honey
40 Amazing Things To Do With Dandelions – check this page out for a giant list of awesome dandelion recipes and more! 🙂

Important note – if you are going to harvest and use dandelions, be sure that they haven’t been sprayed with weedkiller. Dandelion is one of the plants that is often targeted by the brainwashed sprayers of evil herbicides, so you might be best off collecting dandelion roots from your own organic garden… and of course wash your harvest carefully.

Ok here’s the link to the full Harvesting And Using Dandelion Roots tutorial: https://commonsensehome.com/harvesting-and-using-dandelion-roots/ Enjoy! 🙂

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