How To Make A Liver Cleansing Detox Juice

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How To Make A Liver Cleansing Detox Juice
How To Make A Liver Cleansing Detox Juice. Graphic © Photo © AdobeStock 50577463 (under license)

The liver is widely considered as one of the most vital organs of the body. It cannot be denied that some people today succumb to very unhealthy lifestyles which cause great damage to the liver and other essential organs of the body. This lifestyle often leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body which when left untreated, can lead to major health disorders.

In addition to our recent report on herbs for the liver, we’ve just found a wonderful liver detox juice that may offer amazing benefits not just to the liver, but to the other organs as well! Here are the ingredients of this homemade liver detox juice (link to the full recipe is at the end):


According to research, lemon is a good source of citric acid that efficiently helps in breaking down foods and promoting better digestion. This lessens the activities of the liver. Furthermore, it contains powerful antiseptic properties that inhibit the growth and activities of harmful bacteria along the digestive tract.

Ginger Root

In a study published at the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, researchers concluded that ginger is capable of improving liver damage as well as in protecting the organ against liver fibrosis. It is also beneficial in preventing and treating fatty liver disease by reducing one’s insulin resistance, lessening the amount of oxidative stress on the liver, as well as in preventing inflammation which contribute significantly in the development of this condition.


According to a study published at the European Journal of Nutrition, grapefruit is rich in antioxidants that promote liver health. Grapefruit juice soothes metabolic syndrome and lowers the level of fats in the body which are considered as major factors that trigger the occurrence of fatty liver disease.


This herb is known for its antioxidant content that brings about liver health benefits. In a study published at the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, it was found out that intake of flaxseed can significantly reduce the level of fats accumulated in the liver. Heavy buildup of fats on the liver usually results to fatty liver disease.


According to studies, garlic is an excellent source of proteins, amino acids and metabolites – and some studies have indicated that garlic may assist in protecting the liver against unintentional and intentional ingestion of many hepatotoxic substances.

Cumin Powder

Derived from cumin seeds, cumin powder is widely recognized for its ability to stabilize the functions of the systems of the body. It actually plays a vital role in stimulating the liver to increase its production of bile which is useful in getting better digestion.

Fresh Mint

This is actually considered one of the best herbs to promote liver health. Research shows that fresh mint helps the liver in executing its vital functions. It is reported to relieve liver swelling and protect the organ against cirrhosis.

I think my liver might be ready for one of these, what about you? Here is the link to the full recipe:

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41 thoughts on “How To Make A Liver Cleansing Detox Juice

  1. Beet juice – Beet juice can help in reducing
    the pain as well as whether liver cirrhosis ultrasound images patients with kidney disease.
    The high purine foods. One has to be brought down.

    Some people have found chewing 4-5 garlic cloves as an effective anti-depressant, helping with problems such as
    painful kidney stones.

  2. this is to Brent Romero question. I have the same thing, and I was told to use milk thistle, capsules. I have been using it and have had no problems with my liver, its not gone, but I have biopsys done and they come out ok twice now

  3. I found this very informative. By using these herbs one can save his or his beloved ones very easily.
    However is there a specific herbal treatment for liver cirrhosis. Regards to the efficient team

  4. I was wondering if any of these detox suggetions would help someone that has had their gall bladder taken out & also has problems with their liver. Certain foods that are eaten 1 day, can’t be eaten the next, fats are out of the question as they cause All kinds of stomach pains. Any Suggestions?

  5. @Nancy I have found that aloe vera helps me more than anything I have ever tried. I don’t like buying the juice because it ALWAYS has some type of chemical added to “preserve” so I keep the plants. They are very easy to grow and take little light in the winter. They are slimy to eat and remind me of a mild onion to taste them. Just tear off the outter most leaf and cut off the skin. Swallow it whole if you don’t want to chew or make your own juice and drink right away. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me!!

  6. Hey Nancy, I have the same issue. I had my GB removed and found myself having the same pain. No one tells you that you need to take Bile salts with every meal for the rest of your life. For most of us, our GB was not the problem, it’s the Biliary system we have the issue with. A great supplement to take is by a company called Biotics, the tablets are called Beta Plus and have beet juice & ox bile extract. I found it on Amazon. It has helped me reduced the severe stomach pain I was having. I used to have several debilitating attacks a month but had no knowledge of what was truly causing it. Stress? Fatty Foods? Acidic foods? I now have 1 or 2 mild attacks a month. Read up on post-cholecystectomy syndrome. I think you’ll find lots of info that way. Good luck!

  7. No doubt its an excellent liver tonic,also i should add cardamum and corriander which contain high percent of folate an choline.

  8. Does anyone have a natural alternative for slow metabolism, I had a full hysterectomy and everything has gone to hell since. My skin has lost elasticity, hot flashes and total weight gain. Any thoughts out there.

  9. In Europe, the hospitals use Milk Thistle as a medical approach to even severe liver problems. Milk Thistle has even been used when people have picked poisonous mushrooms and have eaten them, thus screwing up their livers. Milk Thistle is a wonderful thing for liver health.

  10. For the person who asked about natural herbs to help Hep C…there is a yellow liver cleanser bottle at Rite Aid…I’m yelling thou they don’t have it anywhere else I’ve tried. It worked great. It has turmeric super milk thistle artichoke…its made by a company called Enzymatic and the product is called ultra liver cleanse. Take exactly as it says. You will get some strange side effects but its not anything that will keep you from functioning or working etc

  11. DoAnyone Anything Natural That You Can Take For RA And To Speed A metabolism I have been on steroids 2 years now and have gained a lot of weight

  12. Sheila…you can’t mix grapefruit with any blood pressure or other blood meds due to causing sometimes deadly side effects. It alters the meds.

  13. May i ask how to use fresh mint as liver detox? I grow abundantly the plant in my pots inly



  16. To Jeffrey,
    Take Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium and Glutathione
    They all showed that they made a difference in my liver function blood tests. Good Luck and remember, NO booze!

  17. I have hep C…I have had it before tests were developed & I read systems & was tellingg my dr I know I have this…Test comes out I aske to run it & Yes HepC it is….I did experimental, Pegalated interferon alpha 2-b….wasn’t a responder….did another trial with ribivirin…..after a whole year again NO RESPONDER…..did the 3 time again another full year stronger doses…..WRONG MOVE….my body built amenity……Than had gallbladder out…surgeon said, I have cirrhosis, Can’t rule out stage four…..only 4 stages & I was just into 40’s. Alternative interferon with no end date, scanning every3 3 months for scarring as it was going to turn to cancer,,,,basically 8 months…First of all they are lying the new treatment out has a higher respond rate, they asked me to do trialIT MAY NOT BE A CURE..…through harvard, beth is real hosp. my dr director of liver center….The is another one coming out i also could have done trial it works more efficiently & is better than this new one. I was told if the drug companies combined there drug hepc will have a cure because they both work on different aspects of the virus & how it can mutate & become very clever…….I took it into my own hands & the doctor was amazed like a miracle…..when talks of milk thistle was happening i got it put it in coffee grinder & made my own pills. MILK THISLE #1 Restreverol supplement #2 I get 2 pints ($5 pint)of pickled ginger @ a very good sushi place I go…..dont like the red, just natural. Lemon juice I even heat water with lemon & pieces of ginger……Becareful…find out your GENO-TYPE first. I’m a genotype 4 which is rare here do to blood transfusion…..most common in US in genotype 1……The treatments (its a chemo) 3 years out of 7 with 1 year break in-between… was a nightmare & than my liver autoimmune the virus coming back like a dragon…..I defied it. Viral count fluctuate throughout day & stress is very bad. Learn meditation. There is this mushroom called the Chaga mushroom if I get it I will find it in the woods as I live in new england…it’s amazing as is restrevtrol. Drink only water…no soda, go more organic….I created a body product line that are 100% all mineral serves dual purpose has healing qualities & the purist ingredients. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body …it eats like you do & everything needs to be filtered through liver….hello……laundry detergent toxic…use baking soda, also for teeth baking soda….ant acid baking soda…it even cures several cancers…..dryer sheets toxic, your clothes have toxic dyes, sheets as well everything we wear….go bamboo socks cothing sheets….you sweat your skin absorbs…..I was dumfounded that shampoo condition soap everything is toxic …sunscreen the worst….you get cancers using it….use pure zinc oxide like the old days when life guards had the white cream on there noses……. I have many article & my SkyTherapy Facebook page……Educate yourself…if you need a liver Jacksonville florida john hopkins…I would die in NE & many have in fl….liver within a couple months. be pro active. So much more to say but you got the idea

    1. Thanks so much Kim for contributing your amazing story and info to this page!!!!! You’re a champ.

  18. Milk thistle
    water, lemon, restrevtrol, try to eat as much organic, no toxic body products…elevate any toxins, pesticides etc as best you can…we have to live but be aware they are toxic & the liver can not break these chemicals down than some times this ammonia builds up goes to our brains & we get a brain fog, like we are just sitting with a vacant stare. Meats proteins & over abundance of toxins….can’t get filtered & boom to the brain it goes…but change eating ….rid unnecessary toxic chemicals & we can have more control…….I would actually notice my urine just smelled like ammonia….I learned. Don’t use any toxic lotions for body….there is enough in clothes food drinks…even getting gasoline on hands our liver has to filter. I hate driving behind a diesel truck….what we breath like those fumes are toxic our liver has to filter….I see trucks I put air circulation in car not air from outside…lots of tricks

    1. Hi Bruce, I’m sorry to hear of your condition. I cannot make an actual medicinal recommendation for legal reasons and must give you the “standard” advice to consult a medical professional.
      That being said, there are various herbs that are considered by herbalists to be tonic to the liver. Of these, Milk Thistle is considered one of the best and scientific tests have reported it not to have negative effects if taken long term. I am not sure if Milk Thistle is beneficial in cases of agent orange / dioxin poisoning. Looking around online, others have suggested an organic orange juice fast, cilantro (found by research to remove heavy metals by chelation).
      This page appears to have some good info:
      Someone wrote on that page “A natural cure might be indole 3 carbinol since it is known to reduce dioxin toxicity. The amount should be taken plenty such as 100- 250 mg. The indole 3 carbinol is found commonly in broccoli, and a small amounts in cabbages. I prefer getting it taken in form of supplements as it is more.”
      I don’t know if this is fact but it’s interesting. Inclusion of raw broccoli in your diet might be useful to you.
      Also this might be valuable:
      We also have a page on herbs for the liver, see our index here:
      Another thing to consider is that the body is regarded as able to process toxins better when the load is less – so anything you can do to reduce toxins in your environment (food, air, water) might be a good thing.
      Wishing you all the best,
      Admin –

  19. For; By Z
    use SSKI – Saturated Solution of potassium Iodide
    9 drops 3 times daily in 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) in water
    Make sure you are not allergic to Iodine first
    Will probably need to take this for about 2 weeks

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