75 Fantastic Ways To Use Essential Oils

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75 Amazing Ways To Use Essential Oils
75 Fantastic Ways To Use Essential Oils. Graphic – herbshealthhappiness.com. Image – Eden’s Garden 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils on Amazon.com

Today’s “Share of the day”: A mega-list of 75 ways to use essential oils. Seventy-five! Who would have thought that there were even half that many? Not only that – but this is a really good list. (Link after my commentary)

My favorite of the 75 uses? I’m hard pressed to think of a top pick here, as I love using essential oils for so many things that I simply wouldn’t be without…. but one of the innovative ones that I hadn’t considered, jumped out at me: How about #22 – making a scented love-letter or card? The thing is, you don’t just want to drip essential oil onto the envelope – you will ruin it and quite possibly cause your amorous words to run and turn into a giant stain! Ever spilled olive oil on a piece of paper? Nope, not the way. The trick is to drip the oil onto a cotton ball, then seal the stationery inside a ziplock bag overnight with the cotton ball. Which oil to use? I can even help with that – see our page on the Top 14 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils Of All Time!

The list is absolutely brilliant and worthy of printing out I would say. Note that the author created it specifically to work with “Young Living” essential oils – some (but not all) of which are special blends. Even so, the ideas on her page are absolutely invaluable to an essential oil fanatic and if you are “in deep” you will probably want to use your own oil combinations anyway.

Ok, I am going to stop raving about it now. Here is the link to the full original post: 75 Ways To Use Young Living Essential Oils. Enjoy!

PS. – Just in case anyone is interested, the image that I used for the “cover photo” for this post is from the Eden’s Garden Set of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for sale on Amazon.com. This is an amazing set and worth checking out, even if you are just curious to see which oils are in the collection. The price for the set of 24 is (currently at the time of posting) $191 plus shipping, which works out at around $8 per bottle. Personally I would probably go for a smaller set (Eden’s Garden has a full range from individual bottles all the way up to a set of 128 I think), as there might be several that I would never use and I would not want to be wasteful – however on the flip-side with a big set to explore you might discover a new favorite that you had never experienced before… anyway they are all on Amazon.

PPS. Here’s the tutorial section of our site which contains a ton of in-depth knowledge about 50 of the most commonly used essential oils: Free In Depth Guide To 50 Top Essential Oils

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20 thoughts on “75 Fantastic Ways To Use Essential Oils

  1. At $3 a bottle I can guarantee they are not actually therapeutic grade essential oils.
    At EEoils.me you will find hundreds of uses for EO’s.
    The oils there are Certified Theraputic Pure Grade with no fillers or substitutes.
    I’m glad I took the time to compare and research.

  2. I want to start using essential oils. As some are expensive, What would be a good two or three to start with? Thanks

  3. EEoil.com may be a higher grade… But if your looking for therapeutic oils, I’d stick here or look elsewhere than there. All I could find was palm oil, which is probably good for something, but I bet not everything. Kinda missing the point jane.

  4. Stephanie I would recommend Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lavender. I started with those 3 and loved them!

  5. I actually received the edema garden supreme package for Christmas. They are all natural, no additives, great customer service, and also carry accessories such as dropper bottles, carrying cases, and carrier oils! Very happy!

  6. a friend of mine,spent this past christmas in the hospitial due to kidney stones. do you have any naturalpathic remidies for this?

  7. I got a degree in massage therapy, and the first thing you learn in aromatherapy is to never put essential oils directly on the skin without using a carrier oil. Young living does not follow this practice, but it can cause blisters and chemical burns. Please, Always uses a carrier oil, even olive oil!

  8. Therapeutic grade essential oils, such as doTERRA can be used internally and externally. I use a lot of them externally without a carrier oil with no issues. The past two days I have used them successfully to eliminate a sore throat and earache. You can find more information at everythingessential.com, very valuable information and learning tools!

  9. The term :”Therapeutic grade essential oils” is a term that Young Living/doTerra gave themselves: these are NOT tested by ANYONE for purity. It is a marketing phrase. Not saying these oils are not good, just that that term means nothing.

  10. I would definitely start with Lavendar,Peppermint and Tea tree. I started with those and have expanded to include another 10 to 15!

  11. There is NO actual standard, testing or certification for therapeutic grade!! You people really don’t pay attention do you? You just keep on drinking the marketing kool-aid. Therapeutic Grade is a piece of marketing spam and not an actual standard. There is no such thing. So sick of doTERRA affiliates preaching all over my blog. GTFO

  12. There is no such thing as therapeutic grade! There is no officially recognized standard, testing or authorization. It is a self-awarded piece of marketing jargon only. I’m getting blue in the face from saying this……

  13. I use Young Living therapeutic oils and have noticed a dramatic difference in my health. Has stopped me on the drugs roundabout by the doctors that happens when you start to get older.

  14. The admin is correct in stating that there is NO industry standard for testing or certification of essential oils and that’s what makes the industry unique. As soon as the FDA and other governmental regulating agencies get involved, the entire aromatherapy industry will decline immensely. Since this is true, we must self regulate, which includes doing our own research by reading on sites like this. It’s understandable that each company wants to be viewed as being the best, but by trolling sites like this and arguing these basic points, reps of these companies are really just inviting the regulating agencies we want to keep out. I am a Registered Nurse and have been using essential oils for about 2 years and am on my way to being a Certified Aromatherapist. I began learning here, by the way, in my attempt to control my severe arthritic pain. There are some essential oils that can be used in a variety of ways but under supervision or advice of someone knowledgeable. The key is education. Educate yourself, do your research. Experiment with different products and USE COMMON SENSE. I have used oils from many companies and I have my favorites and least favorites. I shop sales and specials and study all information published by each company. The same goes for herbs/herbal remedies. Educate yourself. Don’t always depend on others, research and compare. What works for one may not work for another. Also, common sense is a must. If you don’t know about a product, don’t drink it, don’t bathe in it. Most of these products are sold without childproof lids so please store ALL essential oils out of reach of children.

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