4 Antiviral Herbs And How To Use Them

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4 Antiviral Herbs and How To use Them
4 Antiviral Herbs And How To Use Them. Photo – Naturehacks.com

We discovered a great little post, courtesy of our friends over at Nature Hacks, featuring four popular herbs that have been found to have antiviral properties that validate the traditional use of the plant in herbalism. Lemon balm, astragalus, ginger and garlic are all edible herbs/spices that have been in use since ancient times as natural remedies.

From herpes outbreaks to colds and flu – and many more – this simple page features some great tips including ways to prepare and use the herbs.

These four are really just an introduction to the topic. Numerous herbs and essential oils have been used as antivirals. There’s even an amazing book on the topic – Herbal Antivirals – which can be investigated on Amazon. This book is an incredible tutorial into viruses and how they work – and very much worth the read. You can look at quite a lot of it for free using the “look inside” feature on Amazon.

If you are interested to investigate herbal remedies, don’t forget to check out the “herbal remedies” section of our own site also – as we have over 50 pages listing herbs for many of the most common conditions.

Ok here is the link to the original list and tutorial: https://naturehacks.com/herbs/4-antiviral-herbs-and-how-to-use-them/

Do you know of any other antiviral herbs? Any success stories? Please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments. 🙂

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  3. This herb is called Lemon balm…I have it in my garden. Love the smell. I harvest it about two to three times during the spring and summer and dry the leaves for use in teas in the winter.

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  6. I have asked several sites what to use instead of coconut oil in lotions and creams.. No one has answered my question at all. Please help me if you can.
    Thank you

  7. It tells what it is used for but not how to use it for different things. Where do we find how to use it?

  8. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I use homemade tinctures for viruses–usually yarrow, St. John’s Wort and Red clover together.

  9. I have used dandelion leaves for several years for my high blood pressure. A little over a year ago the doctor took me off my blood pressure medication. The last time I had my blood pressure checked it was 100/70. I’m a definitive believer in herbs.

  10. Amy, not sure why you don’t want to use coconut oil, but there are many oils out there. I use sunflower oil in my hand and body cream.

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