How To Make All-Natural Non-Toxic Herbal Citrus Cleaners

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Non Toxic Herbal Citrus Vinegar Cleaners
How To Make All-Natural Non-Toxic Herbal Citrus Cleaners. Image – (with permission)

Just discovered this recipe for all-natural cleaners using citrus peels, vinegar and herbs. You’ll need a little patience, as it takes a couple of weeks to soak the peels in the vinegar, however the results are worth it!

One of the reasons why this is actually quite an important thing to learn about is that the quality of indoor air has now been recognized as a serious health hazard. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated explicitly that indoor air pollution is one of the top five risks to public health! One of the major culprits, it turns out, is the toxic chemicals in cleaning products, which are not good to breathe! So if you use all-natural cleaning products like the ones in this recipe you are eliminating the health hazards that may be associated with the chemical stuff. You’re also benefiting from the natural anti-microbial action of the selected essential oils.

Another thing that is great about these cleaners is the saving in cost compared to regular cleaners. Bonus eco-points too if you are re-using containers 😉

There are several possibilities as far as scent is concerned – orange cinnamon, lemon rosemary, lime thyme, grapefruit mint… another idea that initially came to mind was to use pine needles – as pine is so commonly used in cleaning products due to its fresh scent. However, Monica advises against that one as it seems that the pine reacts with the vinegar in some adverse way.

One important detail to note is that these cleaners should not be used on natural stone finishes such as marble and granite – this is because vinegar reacts with these stones and can affect the finish. Otherwise, the cleaners are stated as safe to use on most surfaces including wood floors.

Here, then, is the link to the full tutorial with lots more details and tips:

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