5 Factors That Make You Pack on Pounds (That Almost Nobody Knows About)

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5 Factors That Make You Pack On Pounds That Almost Nobody Knows About
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We just discovered this amazing report over at Eat Local Grown and had to share. This is important stuff.

It can be pretty frustrating when you think you are “doing everything right” to stay in shape; getting your exercise and eating carefully… only to find that you are still having difficulty keeping the pounds off.

It turns out that the game has been rigged against you – due to insidious effects of antibiotics, growth-enhancing drugs fed to animals, endocrine disrupting chemicals from food packaging, and more.

What’s even more of a shock is when you learn that artificial sweeteners – which you were told were “on your side” in the battle – have been linked to metabolic dysfunctions that promote weight gain.

Two out of three people in America are now overweight or obese. This is not how things are supposed to be! It was never like this in the past. It should be patently obvious that the corruption of our food supply is the prime culprit – followed second by the modern sedentary lifestyle where people are spending too much time sitting (either in front of the computer or TV) and not enough time moving around.

Once you see the full report, together with the stack of scientific evidence cited, you will realize that the sensible way out of this mess is to eat food that is as real and close to what nature intended as possible. This makes sense on every level. The urge to “binge eat” is actually triggered by artificial food; as the body gets addicted to the artificial flavors, the sugar rushes and also craves real nutrition instead of empty calories.

Don’t rely on the junk food industry to tell you the truth. You’ve got to do your own homework.

Ok, here’s the full report: 5 Factors That Make You Pack on Pounds (That Almost Nobody Knows About)

One of the comments that appeared on the original Facebook post says it all… “This picture is me… January 2014 I began my own experiment… No packaged foods, no artificial sweeteners, nothing but Organic and non GMO… Grass fed non GMO fed chicken…. Or beef but I cut beef back to once a month. No dieting, just a change of groceries… I lost 40 pounds.”

Convinced yet?

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The #1 Muscle That Eliminates Joint And Back Pain, Anxiety And Looking Fat

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If this "hidden" most powerful primal muscle is healthy, we are healthy.


Is it...

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