7 All-Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Paradise

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7 All Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Lke Paradise
7 All-Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Paradise. Image – TheYummyLife.com (with permission)

Are you sick of “artificial” air fresheners? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were – most of them contain artificial chemicals, some of which might be toxic. Let’s face it, they are designed to “imitate” natural products – but anyone who is into aromatherapy and perfumery knows that while artificial substances create a predictable product, they just can’t compete with natural in terms of quality and healthfulness.

I don’t like artificial air fresheners. I feel as though they attempt to “overpower” and mask other smells, but I find them unpleasant. What’s the point in just putting more toxins in the air? It doesn’t make sense if you think about it.

Did you know that the U.S. EPA considers indoor air pollutants to be one of the top 5 risks to the public health? They have learned the dangers of being in an indoor environment surrounded by manufactured products, many of which are silently releasing chemical fumes.

Ok, enough doom ‘n’ gloom… now for the good news: Our friends over at Herbs And Oils World have come up with an amazing collection from around the web – of seven unique aroma products that you can make at home using all-natural ingredients! This is a fantastic list and we had to share. We would love to know if you experience a change in mood when using these natural aromas – let us know!

Here is the link to the full list:


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15 thoughts on “7 All-Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Paradise

  1. My daughter can’t tolerate ‘air fresheners’ – am eager to try these for her.It could solve the problem at home and at work.

  2. I am asthmatic and have many allergies to trees and grasses. Would this be ok for asthmatics to use (I can’t use air fresheners or febreeze). I have never found anything other than citrus skins on the burner on low and that scares me that I might forget and cause a fire. I love you tips by the way and am starting to try recipes on your site. I share them all so I will be able to look back. Thanks for this gift to us and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi, instead of citrus on the burner you could try getting an essential oil diffuser and putting in citrus essential oils. Glad you like the site! 🙂

  3. If you are asthmatic try this as a room freshener.
    Fill a jar with orange peel (or lime or lemon). Cover with white vinegar, leave for two weeks. Strain and put into a spray bottle, and use this as a room spray.
    Another idea, fill spray bottle with white vinegar, add a few drops od white vinegar.
    ANY another idea.
    Put 1/2 cup baking soda in a shallow jar or pretty container (cup etc) add essential oil of your choice.Stir well until oil has been absorbed.
    Cover with cling wrap, poke holes in wrap, shake each day to freshen the perfume.
    When most of the smell has dissipated (usually a couple of weeks) you can sprinkle the baking soda into your carpets. Leave about 10 minutes, then vacuum up. A lovely idea especially if you have pets. Then just make up another batch

  4. Sorry computer gremlins at work.
    Idea 2….fill spray bottle with white vinegar, ADD essential oil of your choice. Shake well, use to freshen the room. Vinegar smell will disappear when vinegar dries, leaving just the essential oil perfume.

  5. Here’s a little trick I learned recently. They sell little crockpots. You can gather your ingedients and use your crockpot the smell is stronger and works longer than am electric diffuser and you don’t have to worry about fire. They sell the small ones on Amazon and probably other places.

  6. i put lavender in boiling water leave to cool strain and put in the iorn to make cloths smell freash as i cant use softener

  7. I was all out of bay, but I went outside and grabbed 2 different kinds of pine, threw in some nutmeg, and just a touch of rosemary and almond extract and the result is fabulous! I am in love with this blog, and this idea! Thank you!

  8. Hi
    You do put a lot of interesting stuff, but getting to the know how to make is a problem. How do you navigate the to the making of this interesting stuff.

  9. Today’s chemically produced “fragrances” cause my tongue to swell, my voice to disappear, my breathing to be difficulty, my head to become dizzy and if I don’t get away before the voice goes I have had seizures.

    I’ve had to remove all fragranced products from my home and workplace. I had to purchase medical air purifiers and a whole house water purifier to eliminate the physical reactions.

    Chemical production is big business. We have chemical warfare right in our homes and the government is responsible.

    Time to put real healthcare first!

  10. I’m sure my forefathers (the bushman)knew all these natural tips. And iglad you sharing it now with us. Thanz

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