“At Home Flu Shots”

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At Home Flu Shots
At Home Flu Shots. Image (with kind permission) – ReThinkSimple.com

Here’s an amazing discovery we just made of some fantastic healthy drinks with the playful name of “At Home Flu Shots”, poking a little fun at the wonky world of orthodox medicine.

As I write it is that time of year when the “flu season” (can we please lose that moniker? I much prefer “Autumn”!) is getting underway – however these 6 supercharged nutritious drinks are worth considering at any time of year as a natural fortification for the immune system.

Apple Cider Slammer, Green Machine, Cod Liver Kiss, Blueberry Blast, Carrot Kicker, Lemon Ginger Drop – mmmm! Rack ’em up and I’ll knock ’em down! The link to the recipes is below; but first, a few thoughts about flu shots.

When it comes to the “real” flu shot, I’ve never had one and I don’t intend to. First I was completely grossed out and appalled when I found out what goes into them – including not only GMOs derived from insect viruses [1] (seriously!) but also possibly more than 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit for mercury. [2] Second, I’ve heard way too many horror stories – even one story of someone dying from a flu shot.

One of the most interesting validations of this distrust was when I made a post about flu shots on my Facebook page almost a year ago – and was astonished to see comment after comment where people were saying the same thing: “I was the only person who DIDN’T get the flu shot and was also the only person who DIDN’T get sick.” I’m not making this up.

Now I’m no doctor but I do happen to live in the land of the free. And so that means my body belongs to me and I can make my own choices as to what I put into it. I believe in informed choice. I don’t want to inject myself with mercury and God-knows-what-else. I’ll stick with super juice shots, herbs, fruit and organic veggies. What about you? 😉

Ok here is the link to the super “At Home Flu Shot” recipes: https://rethinksimple.com/health/at-home-flu-shots

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16 thoughts on ““At Home Flu Shots”

  1. I heard flu shots were grown off of dead carcuses, another dicusting reason not to. I also heard they mess up your immune system so you get sick easier and cause resisitant mutations. That’s scarey!

  2. I’d like to receive more information about this as I get them every year as I am asthmatic.

  3. while going to medical school and before medical books began to be controlled by the FDA, i was stunned to find that many of the flu shots are created in the most unlikely place. Pigs. believe it or not this pigs, after being affected with the swine flu, also known as n1h1, the same pigs are then butchered and sold in the market places. yes, those of you who like pork, bacon, and chops… you are consuming the virus even if you cook it thoroughly.

  4. I have never gotten a flu shot in the past and I have not been out sick from work in over 10 years. I work for a large health care conglomerate. Since I have contact with patients the policy always was if flu was “active” in my state a mask should be worn if 6 feet within a patient. No problem I could deal with that. This year the flu shot is mandatory. When I challenged that as illegal I was told I would not be able to work if I didn’t get it. Exceptions to this new policy are rare & hard to come by. Since I need my job & health insurance I reluctantly complied. My coworkers as well as administration think I am a bit crazy for feeling violated over this. I also have to get a Tdap vaccine by January 17. It just amazes me that in this day & age one can be forced to be injected with something they don’t believe in.

    1. Welcome to hell! Pretty soon there will be mandatory injections of many kinds with no legal requirement to notify you of what you are being injected with. Fight the power.

  5. Unfortunately people who work in the health field are forced to take the flu shots. They say that we have options but the option leaves a lot to be desired.

  6. I work in a hospital, and it is now mandatory to get a flu shot each year. I’ve had years where I’ve gotten the flu, with or without the vaccine. This year, I got the shot. 4 days later, I came down with flu-like symptoms. I’ve been ill since then, and it’s been almost a month. I think this fall, my “egg allergy” is going to flare up, and I won’t be able to take the vaccine again.

  7. How can it be legal to force someone to take a shot/drug/medication that they are against? Is that not the same as forcing someone to get sterilized against their will? And then the threat of job loss if they do not comply. I would get legal advice on this matter.

  8. If you’re working in the health field, you’re not just treating yourself. You’re protecting every person you have contact with. As health care workers, we have exposure to a lot of people who are sick or whose immune systems are depressed and health care workers, even ones who take good precautions health wise, are one of the major vectors or carriers for disease
    As a health care worker myself, I think it’s important not to bring any of my patients a “little present” from one of my other visits
    I’m glad for folks who are healthy enough that they don’t get the flu or get such a mild case that they don’t notice it, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not carrying it and spreading it around

  9. I’m 11 days from becoming 50 and never had I had a Flu shot- nor would I! I think of all the people that get sick from it-and like you said “I don’t want to inject myself with mercury and God knows what else. ” it’s that god knows what else that no one truly knows what’s in those shots! Even if they labeled them would anyone every trust any shot! I surely wouldn’t! From what I’ve seen over my lifetime is immunizations are main causes of illness…period.

  10. I am all for people choosing whether or not to immunize. That being said it’s astonishing how many people base their decisions on “what I’ve heard.” Do your homework, read the science, educate yourselves before you make important decisions. Anecdotes are no better than gossip, it’s the same as the 1980s when moms wouldn’t let their kids use public restrooms because people “heard” you could get AIDS from toilet seats. Of course the flu vaccine can make you feel sick. It’s a vaccine, it activates your immune system to respond, that’s what happens every time you get sick. Make your own decision, but read the science, not the extremists for your information.

  11. I had a severe seizure in the doctors office when I decided after years of not getting obe. I almost died because of that shot and will never get a shot again.

  12. There is evidence that when you get a flu shot, your immune system is compromised by at least 50% for weeks or months. That is why people who get one are more susceptible to illness, including the flu–especially the strains that the vaccine do not cover. There is also scientific research that shows you are at a 10-fold increased risk of having Alzheimer’s when you receive the vaccine 5 years straight. The absolute best way to protect yourself from the flu, which can actually be fatal, is an 80% fresh, raw, organic diet–preferably that you grow yourself so when you pick the food, it is that fresh. Supplement with pure nascent iodine, vitamin B-12, and vitamin D when 20 minutes of daily sun is unavailable. Avoid dairy, white flour and sugar, commercially prepared meats, GMO’s, and packaged foods like your life depends on it. Only cook your food 20% of your diet or less. Do your own research. Flu is not benign, neither is getting the flu vaccine. Both can have tragic results. Please, don’t buy the myth that a flu vaccine is the silver bullet.

  13. I work as a nurse & I refuse to get a flu shot which means I have to wear a mask for almost 6 months out of the year & if I get caught without it I’m out the door. Okay, cool. Now I work in corrections where flu shots are not required. I feel bad for those that don’t have options without putting their careers at stake. I simply will not ever get one. It’s not worth the consequences from ruining my own health to getting Alzheimer’s, etc.

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