Scientists Discover Amazing Anti-Cancer Effects Of Pumpkin!

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Scientists Discover Anti-Cancer Effects Of PumpkinPhoto – © Garry L. – (under license)

Amazing reports to share from the world of science today: Scientists in China have recently discovered that cucurmosin, a substance extracted from the sarcocarp (fleshy part) of pumpkin, had a strong inhibitory effect on hepatoma “HepG2” (a type of liver cancer) cells in both cell culture and animal studies. [1]
Over 90% of the cancer cells were killed within 96 hours. Also, mice fed cucurmosin had 78.4% less tumors than mice that had not been treated. There have been several studies indicating that cucurmosin induces apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells, however this study went further and identified the mechanism of action. [2]
What this tech-talk means to you, dear reader, is that there is a very strong possibility (as yet unproven) that pumpkin will have a similar effect in humans!
Note that I have not yet been able to ascertain whether the cucurmosin molecule is undamaged by cooking: However I think I can safely say that you can smile an extra big smile as you help yourself to some delicious pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup! 😉
It’s fascinating to note that cucurmosin is the agent that the pumpkin plant uses to defend against viral, fungal and bacterial agents. [3] Nature has done the “heavy lifting” for us – wouldn’t you agree? I’m all for following in her footsteps…
I dug up some of the other studies showing anti-cancer effects of pumpkin: Here’s a brand new one! – Anti-Cancer effects of cucurmosin (extracted from pumpkin flesh) against human pancreatic cancer cells in vitro (glassware) and in vivo (animals): In a new 2013 study, the same team from Fujian Medical University has determined that Cucurmosin kills human pancreatic cancer SW-1990 cells in vitro and in vivo – decreasing the cancer cells’ proliferation and inducing apoptosis. [4]
Here’s another one: A 2011 study found that cucurmosin induced cell death in human chronic myeloid leukemia cells. [5]
Special thanks to The Eden Prescription (amazing Facebook page, check it out!!) for letting us know about this, and to the dedicated scientists for all their diligent work in attempting to find cures for cancer.
Happy holidays to all and enjoy your pumpkin pie!! 😀

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  1. Question? Does butternut squash have the same properties? I understand that it is often substituted for pumpkin in can products.

  2. I am assuming this is all only about fresh pumpkin correct? Asking because wanting to use for my lil sidekick my lil dog my best friend. i noticed a small pimple like growth again on her upper neck – previously had this on her lower neck/chest that grew fast, and was cancerous a few years back. So now i am very worried and concerned about it. Now that the season of pumpkins is over, i will find it hard to get fresh ones – i have fed her canned for as vet said good for gland probs.

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