Never Need Bleach Again

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It’s well known that bleach is fairly evil stuff. It’s not good for the environment and can also be harmful to our own health. Plus, it’s a very dangerous chemical to have around the house and even though there are typically safety caps, there are still cases of accidental poisoning and injury from bleach. Personally, I can’t stand the smell of it and will do anything to avoid using it.

Bleaching powder predominantly consists of calcium hypochlorite, whereas liquid bleach is typically the solution of sodium hypochlorite. It is the chlorine ions that give the bleaching power and also the nasty smell.

Although sodium hypochlorite degrades quickly in the environment, according to the Wikipedia page on bleach: “A recent European study indicated that sodium hypochlorite and organic chemicals (e.g., surfactants, fragrances) contained in several household cleaning products can react to generate chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chlorinated compounds are emitted during cleaning applications, some of which are toxic and probable human carcinogens. The study showed that indoor air concentrations significantly increase (8-52 times for chloroform and 1-1170 times for carbon tetrachloride, respectively, above baseline quantities in the household) during the use of bleach containing products.”

The good news is, there are alternatives that are less toxic and more eco-friendly. We found a great tutorial by our friends at Nature Hacks describing ways to use vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) instead of bleach.

The tutorial outlines methods to remove stains from clothes – however there are numerous other things that can be cleaned or whitened using these items.

Ok here’s the link to the original “Never Need Bleach Again” article: (via web archive)

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3 thoughts on “Never Need Bleach Again

  1. Using Vinegar is great but it can draw Fruit Flies/Gnats. They love it. All that’s needed is a warm day & a kitchen cleaned with Vinegar. I used to put it in my garbage disposal too, not good. I do still use it for my toilet but it gets rinsed thoroughly.

  2. Love using vinegar, bak soda and H203!! want to add a caution for folks who read elsewhere about using vinegar and baking soda to clean drains – it will EAT RIGHT THRU older plumbing. and if you already did it, do NOT switch over to table salt and hot water cause that can make it happen today. (lol). ok NOT funny. 🙂 happy cleaning!

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