Top Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil

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Top Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil
Top Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil. Graphic © Flaxseed photo – © olyina – (under license)

When discussing plants and seeds that promote health and well being, flax seed oil is now probably one of the most talked about and in-demand. Through time, many people have come to realize the importance of flax seed oil in enhancing good health as well as in preventing and treating a wide range of illnesses.

For thousands of years, flax seed oil has been widely used in Mediterranean culture. Though often dubbed as the forgotten oil, flax seed still continues to be of use until today due to increasing recognition of its health benefits.

Flax seed oil is a type of oil derived from the golden / brown seeds of flax plants. It contains high levels of fiber, protein and unsaturated fats. About 40% of each seed is oil. Of this 40%, around half is actually composed of omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seed oil is an excellent source of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) which is an important precursor to Omega 3 fatty acids that are later converted into EPA and DHA.

Omega 3 fatty acids are very important to the human body, bring a lot of health benefits and may alleviate a wide range of bodily conditions. Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial in reducing inflammation, depression and cholesterol level in the body.

Flax seed oil is also a top source of essential nutrients like Vitamin B6, lecithin, Omega-6, zinc, copper, folate, magnesium and manganese.

Top Health Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil

Today, it cannot be denied that flax seed oil is one of the most in demand natural supplements in the market. Let’s examine why more and more people are encouraged to take this oil.

Regular intake of this oil is reported to improve liver function, enhanced stamina, increased calcium absorption, and improved mental functions among the elderly. Furthermore, researches have indicated that flax seed oil helps in treating some cases of depression, and in relieving the symptoms of diabetes mellitus and rheumatoid arthritis. It also is said to be beneficial towards colon cancer, breast cancer, acne, eczema, asthma, sprains, bruises, obesity and dandruff.

The high mucilage content in flax makes it an effective, gentle natural laxative. Aside from its ability to promote joints health, flax seed oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Flax seed oil is also believed to be important in dealing with menopausal symptoms. Apart from easing constipation, flax seed also helps in reducing night sweats and hot flushes. It is thought capable of protecting the body against sticky platelets, water retention, inflammation, lowered immune function and high blood pressure.

Flaxseed Promotes Heart Health

Apart from its ability to help people who suffer from Colitis and Crohn’s diseases, some researchers concluded that this type of oil is useful in lowering the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body as well as in reducing one’s risk for heart diseases.

Its high level of Omega 3 fatty acid content helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol increasing good cholesterol in the body. In effect, it reduces a person’s susceptibility to thromboses, strokes and heart attacks.

Flax Seed Oil for Weight Loss

Flax seed oil is also a good source of potassium and fiber which is why it is often used by people who are searching for a slimming diet. According to surveys, many people incorporate the intake of flax seed oil into their lifestyle in order to assist with losing weight. There are several suggested mechanisms for how flax seed oil promotes weight loss:

• It increases the body’s metabolic rate to enhance its ability to burn more fats.

• It enhances the energy-production ability of the body.

• It reduces the body’s water retention ability significantly.

• It promotes better liver function.

• Calories from flax seed oil are not stored as body fats.

Furthermore, studies show that this vital oil possesses natural properties that are beneficial for almost every system of the body. Flax seed oil brings about lots of benefits to the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, reproductive system and immune system of the body.

Quite the list of benefits, isn’t it?

A couple of tips: 1) Flaxseed oil should be kept refrigerated for best preservation. 2) If you eat whole flax seeds, you may not get the benefits as they “pass right through” untouched! So if you are eating flax seed, the best way is often considered to be to get a seed grinder (maybe a coffee grinder would work?) and grind ’em up fresh right before you use them.

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  1. Coffee bean grinder works perfectly. I use it to grind flaxseed, chia, and dry oats to add into protein shakes, fruit smoothies, and random recipes that need a heath boost 🙂

  2. I take flax seed oil daily and also give it to my dogs, they love it. You can buy it at your local wholefood market stores.

  3. can you cook with this oil like you would olive oil or is it just for taking as is for medical use only. maybe use as a homemade salad dressing or something like this.

  4. I grind my flax seed just before I add it to smoothies & many other foods….even meat loaf….chili yum !!! But I think I will get some oil also 🙂

  5. A friend of mine give me recipe of, 3 tbsp of cottage cheese,2tbsp fresh ground organic golden flax seeds, top w/ fresh blueberries,6 pieces walnuts break into pieces, 2tbsp,flaxseed oil,mixed together as a snack or breakfast.some of us have read good health benefit of it,for me.I’ve seen my age spot get lighter,What happened is I tried using the oil @ night on my face.I have seen the age spot is fading.

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