Probiotics: A Science-Supported Antiviral “Secret Weapon”

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Probiotics - A Science-Supported Antiviral Secret Weapon
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Scientific Studies Have Shown That Probiotics Reduce Pneumonia 25% In Critically Ill Patients. So, Why Is The Media Silent On This Potentially Life Saving Information?

While probiotics – aka the “good bacteria” – are associated by most with restoration of balance to the gastrointestinal system, many studies now support them as antivirals with overall benefits to the immune system.

POTENTIAL LIFE SAVER?? – Actual Human Trial Finds That Probiotics May Prevent Severe Pneumonia: A 2016 human trial (small scale, 150 patients) with Lactobacillus rhamnosus found that probiotics significantly decrease the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and the overall incidence of infection in critically ill patients. It was theorized that probiotics potentially inhibit pneumonia by enhancing intestinal barrier function and reducing the load of pathogenic bacteria. [1]

The 2016 USA and Canada-based human trial found that probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus was beneficial in preventing VAP and other infections in critically ill patients. The report stated that “Probiotics constitute a promising method to prevent infection in critically ill patients.” [1]

More studies: Many other scientists have in fact TESTED probiotics in previous hospital ICU pneumonia scenarios and there have been numerous studies supporting the use of probiotics to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia intensive care unit mortality. A meta-analysis of 23 randomized controlled trials suggested that administering probiotics to critically ill mechanically ventilated patients is associated with a 25% reduction in the incidence of VAP. Probiotics significantly decrease the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and the overall incidence of infection in critically ill patients. The study concluded that “administering certain strains of live bacteria (probiotics) to critically ill patients may restore balance to the microbiota and have positive effects on immune function and gastrointestinal structure and function.” [2]

This could be HUGELY important right now… and nobody is talking about it! We are in the middle of a pandemic where it is KNOWN that cases that turn to pneumonia are those causing most of the fatalities; we have a scenario where the number of intensive care units available is being stretched to the limit, and we have a commonly available supplement that has been associated by numerous studies with significant reduction of pneumonia-associated intensive care (and it’s associated mortality – millions of people per year, not just thousands)… and… nothing is being done. Why?

How Probiotics Can Help Produce More GOOD Bacteria And Help Prevent Viruses

Our tip? Just get some now. While the antiviral effects of probiotics are still not fully researched and understood, there is much encouraging scientific research to support the use of probiotics as general antivirals; a brief summary of this is below.

More Important Science For Probiotics: Probiotics May Lead To Increased Antiviral Response: An important 2017 scientific review reported that there is significant evidence from numerous studies that probiotics enhance immune response. Administration with the well known probiotic strains Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus exert a beneficial effect on mucosal immunity. [3] Other studies have also reported that these probiotic strains have the ability to decrease viral infection. [4]

Scientific evidence suggests that probiotics have the therapeutic potential to shorten the length of common respiratory conditions. A recent meta-analysis reported that, at least in adults administered vaccinations to protect against influenza viruses, the co-administration of probiotics and prebiotics was efficacious. [5] The effect is “perhaps attributed to a fine–tuning of the mucosal barrier and metabolic system”.

Probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri has also been found effective against influenza in mice: A 2014 scientific study reported that this probiotic increased their influenza survival rates by up to 40%: “The body weight losses were lower with the [Lactobacillus gasseri] administration after the PR8 virus infection. At 5 days after the infection, the virus titer [amount of the virus present] was significantly decreased, as was the amount of produced IL-6 in the lung tissue, the number of total cells in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid was reduced by the [Lactobacillus gasseri] administration. The expression of the Mx1 and Oas1a genes, critical for the viral clearance in the lung tissues was increased by the pre-treatment with [Lactobacillus gasseri]. These findings suggest that the [Lactobacillus gasseri] administration is effective for the protection against influenza A virus infection by the down-regulation of viral replication through the induction of antiviral genes expression.” [6]

Now this is potentially highly relevant in the case of coronavirus also because IL-6, mentioned in the above study, is particularly upregulated by SARS-group viruses as part of the “cytokine storm” that can be potentially fatal. So while noting that this is only an animal trial, lowering IL-6 by the use of probiotics would make sense logically.

Probiotics are widely available – go here to pick up our chosen brand and in “this is not medical advice” fashion I think I can state would be a highly worthy addition to your antiviral protective arsenal!

But the way science works in these cases is SLOW. These studies are beginning to be taken seriously, but it will be years before it gets the official stamp – and this is too slow for the current pandemic. And the media missed them entirely, focusing instead on scaring the hell out of people; rarely do they give people any form of actual measures they can take to protect themselves and boost their own health naturally.

As we know, there are (simplified) two general outcomes from COVID-19. If your immune system is strong, you get a cold/flu type bug for several days, possibly quite intense but you then recover. However the other outcome, associated typically with those who have compromised or weaker immune systems, is that it hits you MUCH harder and that you can quickly end up in ICU with pneumonia symptoms as the filling of the lungs with fluid causes greater and greater difficulty in breathing, potentially causing fatality.

So now tell me: Did you hear ANYTHING from the media lately about how to keep your immune system strong and healthy naturally…..?

I counsel my friends not to look at mainstream media ever again but there they are the next day, at it again. They cannot comprehend that they really could be lied to on such a mass scale. So I say one thing: Read the scientific studies. Just actually read them and learn. If you read the actual studies (not just the ones we link to in our articles, but others too) you will get a different and much more detailed picture to the one the media tells. You will see how the media CHERRY PICK what they want you to know about and what they don’t. Their goal is to terrify you because that makes BANK for them. This scenario is literally their perfect storm.

Youtube, Facebook and the rest in fact have had so much web traffic with everyone staying at home and locked into a sort of trance state, consuming fear-based stories all day long, that they had to downgrade the bandwidth of their video streaming due to the unprecedented demand!

That means the media giants are making unprecedented ad revenue as the rest of the world goes bankrupt.

Don’t rely on the media to guide you to health and safety. Rely on actual science. This Single SUPER-STRAIN Probiotic Could Be The Most Powerful Nutrient For A Faster Metabolism And Ultimate Defense Against Viruses

Note: Most people are fine with probiotics but they may be contraindicated in patients with gut perforation. Other patients i.e. catheterized may need special precautions with probiotic use. Pls check with medical professional.

More research: We recently covered Herbs And Natural Remedies For Coronavirus Infections in full. Our research on that topic led us to probiotics and we felt it was too important not to cover in a dedicated article.


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