10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

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10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds
10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Photo © AdobeStock 53076449 (under license)

Coffee has been consumed as a beverage since at least as far back as the 15th century – and it originated in the Middle East, where it is thought that it was first roasted in a fashion similar to that of today. Coffee became popular in Europe in the mid 17th century and coffee houses appeared in several countries; however its popularity did not rocket in the USA until the time of the War of Independence (1775–1783). [1]

We found an awesome page of the ways to re-use coffee grounds, courtesy of our friends over at Common Sense Homesteading. The link is after our commentary.

Turns out that used coffee grounds have a number of great uses (as well as a few that fall firmly into the ‘weird’ category). Reduce, re-use, restore, recycle! It’s become the mantra of our times. As an ant deterrent – well that sounds like a great plan. It must be overpowering for the little critters and they seem pretty caffeinated already, so maybe it makes them crazy. I have to say though – as a facial scrub? I like coffee, but not that much…

Another of my favorites from the list would have to be the gardener’s special – making compost or mulch. Coffee grounds are rich in minerals – including phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and copper. Worms love them – and they are reported especially good for blueberry plants. Although some coffee companies are involved in recycling programs for their used coffee grounds, I imagine that a number of coffee shops still just dump their used grounds, so if you are really a serious gardener, you could probably find a coffee house that would let you have them for free.

Two on the original list (wood stain and “hide furniture scratches”) seemed almost like the same tip! So, not wanting to under-deliver, we dug around and came up with another unusual use – as a pin cushion filling! Simply put the (dried!) grounds in a small cloth, tie off with an elastic band and place in a small container. Now, why bother using coffee for this? Apparently the grounds will keep the pins rust-free (can anyone verify this??)

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Ok here is the link (via web archive) to the full list of ways to re-use coffee grounds:

10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

  1. I’ve seen awesome recipes for all types of things & love them, but I cannot seem to find a recipe for an insecticide/pesticide for dog kennels. Is there any help for this? I live in Arizona & the flies are just eating everybody up but especially my dogs in the yard. I would greatly appreciate a recipe I can make by the gallons because they are very large kennels &I would be spraying it with a hose attachment that puts out at a gallon per part. Thank you.

  2. Try heading to your local feed store and getting some food grade diatamaceous earth (DE). It’s totally safe for you and your animals, yet kills bugs, including flies and their larvae. I use it for my horses, and in my dog’s food, for worming, as well as outside of my house for pest control. It can be added to their water, food, and spread topically around your kennels. Google it for more info(wolf creek ranch has some good info-they’re an animal rescue) My local feed store in north-central AZ sells it for around $35 for a 50 lb bag-very cost effective too.

  3. Yes The coffee grounds dried.. still have oils in them.. It would help something like pins and needles keep the ends from getting rusty. And it may help to keep them sharp as well due to the hardness as long as they are dry.

  4. The other thing to remember about using coffee grounds in the garden.. If YOU WANT fruits and veggies.. Use them sparingly.. around the edible plants unless you are looking from bright green beautiful leaves.. Because. Where there is too much nitrogen ( which is one of the minerals in coffee ) the veggies and fruit will not produce the tomatoe, pea, strawberry, etc.. The plant will be beautiful.. But too much nitrogen is not good for growing food unless it requires larger amounts. I would not use fertilizer with nitrogen for my veggies or fruit. I have a patio of plants in pots.. in which case it is VERY important not to add a bunch of nitrogen to the soil. You can add a tad of calcium or potassium or other minerals. But do it per what a book says and sparingly at that.

  5. In Scottsdale culinary school one of my chef’s used coffee grounds in his baked beans in a sachet bag to give it great flavor. Then another chef used the sachet bag of used grounds in his chili. Both were very tasty

  6. I use my coffee grounds to ward of slugs that love to eat Hosta. It works. But now I need a fix it for those tiny moths that love them in the early fall. ( put the grounds all the way around the young Hosta and keep adding to it as they grow. Slugs and snails do not like the feel on thier bellies. I have 10 giant Hosta . Well worth the time.

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