10 Home Remedies For Warts

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10 Home Remedies For Warts
Image (with permission) – Everydayroots.com

Now here is a subject about which everyone and their dog seems to have their own tip for a natural remedy. Warts – those pesky things – are caused by a viral infection. They are contagious and are usually spread via broken skin. Some of the more serious types can be associated with cancers such as cervical cancer, however the more “normal” variety of warts typically occur on the hands or feet.

Out of the typical methods of treatment, topical treatments using salicylic acid are reported [1] to be the most successful.

However there are numerous alternative treatments / home remedies, and we have found a page listing ten of them.

I also did a little extra looking around, and found a number of additional home remedy suggestions that weren’t mentioned in the article – including some bizarre ones. As I said, warts seem to have more strange home remedy suggestions than anything else I have come across. I’m hoping that one day, the science behind these will be investigated fully.

Tea Tree essential oil

• Duct tape – yes, really! The theory is that this (if you can get it to stay on; this may prove difficult on the sole of the foot) deprives the wart of oxygen by creating a seal, and this kills the wart. Many people vouch for this one. Here is a page with a detailed breakdown of the duct tape method. (web archive)

• A penny, taped on or rubbed on the wart (maybe it’s the copper or other metals present?)

• Super glue (can’t recommend it as I think it’s probably toxic but it might work)

• Breast milk (sounds dubious but hey, one person was absolutely convinced!)

• DIF wallpaper remover (sounds toxic and possibly even caustic, can’t recommend it)

Note that if you have genital warts or other more serious types of wart, or if you are in doubt, proper medical attention is advised. These ideas should probably be reserved for the normal / non-dangerous wart types.

Ok here is the link to the original list of 10 wart remedies / tutorial:



[1] Wart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wart

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11 thoughts on “10 Home Remedies For Warts

  1. We used a strong oregano/carrier oil mix (50/50) on out daughters hand. Worked like a charm!

  2. I had bad warts on my food by my toe. It had gotten worse throughout my pregnancy, and even more worse afterwards. I had read that breastmilk was antibacterial, so I thought why the hell not? It was gone in 3 weeks! Love the power of breastmilk. It hasn’t been back since, and that was about 7 months ago.

  3. I personally have used duct tape with success and also on the super glue… most likely suffocates the root of the wart, it needs oxygen to stay put (so to speak.

  4. When I was a little girl I had warts on my knees
    and couple on my hands. My mum covered the
    wart and around it with clear nail polish every
    few days which suffocated them and they disappeared

  5. To MamaD:

    What is Carrier oil? Do we have to mix oregano and carrier oil and then apply on the hand warts?

  6. I heard superglue was actually invented for dentistry use but had to be discarded because it dissolved.
    My brother uses superglue to protect his injuries when ten pin bowling.

  7. My daughter got wart on feet while we were on vacation in Disneyworld, and after 2 months I noticed that instead of healing it had worsened up. After trying the over the counter medicine, and no effect, finally I decided to use home remedy.
    I just took garlic clove and cut thin slice, rubbed for few minutes, and then taped it on the wart. I did it for week and her feet was already better. Within 10 days, it just fell out. Cannot believe that it was that easy to use home remedies.

  8. When my sister was little she had 9 warts on the back of her knee. After freezing them off and burning them off they kept coming back. Some one told my mother about tri-vi-sol. They said the vit. A does it. It worked. I got rid of a huge wart on my finger by using fig milk. Works as well as milk weed if you are lucky enough to live where figs grow.

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