12 Home Remedies For Coughs

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12 Home Remedies For Coughs
12 Home Remedies For Coughs. Photo – CommonSenseHome.com (with permission)

We found an awesome list of home remedies for coughs, courtesy of our friends over at Common Sense Homesteading.

As many people know, over-the-counter cough remedies often contain drugs that can cause drowsiness and other narcotic effects – rendering them unsuitable in some cases. Plus, having some other ideas gives you options if the stores are closed. And also, some people simply prefer something that is more natural….

One of the remedies that caught my eye here was Slippery Elm. This herb is made from of the slippery elm tree (Ulmus rubra). It has been used traditionally since old times. The bark is mucilaginous and has long been used as a demulcent. A demulcent is an agent that forms a soothing film over a mucous membrane, relieving minor pain and inflammation of the membrane. Demulcents are often used in cough remedies. Slippery elm is also used to soothe the digestive system. Slippery elm tea is made from the inner bark or dried and powdered leaves of the tree.

It is written sometimes that slippery elm is endangered – though there doesn’t seem to be total consensus on this and the USDA plants database does not currently make great mention of this fact, nor does Wikipedia. Dutch Elm Disease has wiped out many elm trees in the last few decades. You could seek out a sustainably harvested product. Other herbs that are mucilaginous include mallow and psyllium.

Ok here is the link to the full list and 12 Home Remedies For Coughs: https://commonsensehome.com/home-remedies-for-coughs

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  1. Hello I have Barrett’s esophagus where the body makes lots of acid and tumers how would I take slippery elm in tea formula please many thanks

  2. I love the Breathe Lotion from Alma Naturals. I rub it on the chest and it helps with cough and congestion. My kids love it too.

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