15 Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of And Still Not Gain Weight

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15 Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of And Still Not Gain Weight
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Many people forego greasy, fatty foods like French fries to lose unwanted pounds while others shun carbs in favor of all-protein meals. There are also strict dieters who only consume specific ratios of fat, protein, and carbohydrates as part of their weight loss plans.

If the weight loss techniques mentioned above do not appeal you, there are certain foods that you can eat without any limitations. These foods are low in calories and packed with fiber – the best combo for keeping you satiated without any risk of gaining a few pounds.

1. Eggs

A 2005 study found that a breakfast consisting of eggs could induce better satiety and reduce short-term food intake of overweight and obese participants. The study confirmed the potential of a routine egg breakfast in consequent weight loss. [1]

2. Salad

Adding a low-energy-dense food such as salad to a meal has positive implications for strategies to modify food intake at meals, according to a 2011 study. High in fiber, the salad was found to be effective in reducing intake of the main course. [2]

3. Avocados

This fruit is packed with healthy fats that help to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Research published in the Nutrition Journal reported on the positive effects of eating half an avocado with lunch on satiety and subsequent food intake. [3]

4. Celery

The vegetable’s fiber and high water content provide satiety to help prevent overeating. Celery also contains a unique compound called 3-n-butylphthalide has lipid-lowering action. A 1995 study affirmed the effects of aqueous celery extract on lipid parameters of rats fed with a high-fat diet. [4]

5. Berries

The effects of blueberry consumption on satiety of overweight subjects with type-2 diabetes were confirmed by research from the University of Maine. Blueberries contain six grams of dietary fiber and 45 kcal per 140 grams. This explains the fullness provided by blueberries to the subjects. [5]

6. Popcorn

In 2012, Nutrition Journal reported that popcorn had a stronger effect on short-term satiety than potato chips. The article posited the potential of whole grain popcorn as an option for those who want to manage their weight by reducing their feelings of hunger. [6]

7. Oatmeal

The viscous soluble fiber in oats plays a key role in modulating satiety. [7] Consumption of oatmeal at breakfast may result in greater feelings of fullness and lower calorie intake at lunch.

8. Soup

The high satiety value of soups was shown in a 2005 study published in the medical journal Physiology & Behavior. The soups had the same fullness effect as solid foods. [8] Consumption of soups also led to reductions in hunger.

9. Beef

Lean meat like beef is high in protein and fiber which have strong satiety-inducing potential. A 2015 study found out that a beef-based meal and bean-based meal produced similar satiety. The former has high protein while the latter has moderate protein and high fiber. [9]

10. Apples

Apples have more bulk and a lower energy density due to their high water content – which keeps you full. Consuming a whole apple could increase satiety more than apple sauce or apple juice, according to a 2009 study published in the journal Appetite. [10]

11. Fish

Of the protein-rich foods, satiety was greater after a fish meal, based on the findings presented by a 1992 study that first appeared in the Journal of Nutrition. [11] To prevent yourself from hunger pangs, steam or grill your fish.

12. Beans

A Danish study added evidence on why meals based on legumes such as beans are more satiating than pork-based meals. This study affirmed the impact of vegetables on maintaining weight loss. [12]

13. Cucumber

The dietary fiber present in cucumber can give you a feeling of satisfaction, thereby preventing overeating. [13] Increased intake of dietary fiber enhances satiation, averting weight gain.

14. Watermelon

You can eat watermelon all day long because this fruit is satiating. A 2007 study showed the effectiveness of a dietary supplementation with watermelon juice on the amelioration of the metabolic syndrome in diabetic fatty rats. [14]

15. Oranges

Nutrition Journal published a study that shows the association between consumption of 100% orange juice, lower mean body mass index and a decreased risk of obesity. [15] The study proposed OJ as a component of a healthy diet.

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