How To Make All-Natural Mascara And Eyeliner

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How To Make All-Natural Mascara And EyelinerPhoto – © Paul Hakimata – (under license)

Ahhh, eye makeup! A glorious thing, in the opinion of many (including myself) 😉 And yet, a subtle evil lurks within – and we learn that as with so many things, the modern mascara and eyeliner are typically loaded with chemical ingredients which have been associated with various harmful effects.

Cosmetics are not very stringently regulated which means that not only can it be something of a petrochemical-based free-for-all in terms of what’s in there, but even just to find out what some of the ingredients actually are, can potentially prove difficult to impossible. This is due to the existence of vague terms such as “fragrance” – the ingredients of which may be protected by trade secret laws and thus not disclosed.

Today we’re giving you a double deal – we’ve discovered great formulas for both all-natural mascara and all-natural eyeliner!

Not only are these formulas easy to make but they are ultra-inexpensive! The eyeliner in particular uses just one ingredient – activated charcoal powder! When a little water is added, it makes the perfect black. (It is pure carbon after all!)

The trick is in getting just the right consistency (mix of powder and water) to create a nice line, but once you’ve got it down, it should be easy. You will of course need a fine brush and a small jar to keep the charcoal powder in. It is suggested to keep the charcoal in a small jar and mix up just a small amount at a time with a drop of water.

One thing I will observe – be aware of how ridiculously easy it is to make a mess with activated charcoal powder. It is super-fine powder and loves to get everywhere. If you are keeping it in a small jar and carrying it around, be sure that the lid is a good fit and won’t come undone!

Ok here is the link to the original natural mascara tutorial:

And here is the link to the original eyeliner tutorial:

We love to hear your thoughts and tips! If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “How To Make All-Natural Mascara And Eyeliner

  1. I can’t wait to make this because I just had an “episode” where I had to get benign tumors removed from under my eye lids and the ophthalmologist said comes from pollution and make up and I decided then I’d stop wearing make up and eyeliner was my all time favorite and knowing that I can wear it again without getting that feeling that bacteria is growing is a relief. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Diana: You’re worried about getting charcoal in your eyes? But ok with getting the chemicals from eyeliner and mascara? I see no difference.

  3. OK – way to make a liar out of me – now the link works fine – might have just been too many people trying at the same time when the FB post hit 😉

  4. Thank you so much can’t wait to make some I’m 57 now and find I can’t use shop masala my eyes water and then I can’t see maybe this will help me

  5. That was suppose to read mascara and eye liner spell check is on sorry wish I could fix a mistake out having to re do a comment

  6. Activated charcoal is usually found in the pharmacy areas of chain stores like Walmart, CVS, etc. it’s ion the shelf with stuff to make little kids throw up if the swallow something they shouldn’t.

  7. Has anyone tried these and can you tell us how well they stay put during the course of a day or evening out? I wouldn’t want charcoal streaks down my cheeks halfway thru a day at the office!

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