Scientists Find Garlic To Be 100x More Effective Than Antibiotics Against Food Poisoning Bacteria

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Scientists Find Garlic 100x More Effective
Scientists Find Garlic To Be 100x More Effective Than Antibiotics Against Food Poisoning Bacteria. Graphic © Garlic background image – JJ Harrison (wikipedia) – lic under CC 3.0

A team of scientists has discovered that garlic concentrates and garlic-derived compound diallyl sulfide worked better than 2 commonly used antibiotics (erythromycin and ciprofloxacin) against bacteria that cause foodborne illness. In addition to being way more effective, the garlic-derived compound was also much quicker in its action.

The researchers have also published research indicating the effectiveness of diallyl sulfide against Listeria and E. Coli bacteria.

This is great news for fans of natural products, because it means that adding garlic appears to be able to make other foods safer to eat. The researchers also claimed that diallyl sulfide could be used for cleaning and food preparation purposes.

In the study, garlic was tested against Campylobacter jejuni, which causes an estimated 2.4 million cases of sickness per year in the USA alone.

Garlic has been used as an antibacterial since ancient times. A slice of garlic has been placed on an open wound in order to stave off infection. And good old Louis Pasteur noted that garlic killed bacteria. It’s a shame that it has taken so long for these “natural antibiotics” to return to the fore – as antibiotics have been found to cause a number of problems, including the development of “superbugs” and other side effects such as the damage to “friendly” bacteria in the gut.

It seems that garlic’s ability to “ward off evil” has been vindicated and it makes we curious as to whether the old medicinal use of the plant has some connection to the popular myth. Food for a new research! 🙂

Once again, the herbs have come out victorious in a showdown against “modern” treatments. 🙂 Nature knows best! Thanks to the scientists for their years of dedicated work. These brilliant people are at the top of their field, working for years with little public recognition in order to help the world become a better place.

Anyway here is the link to the original post where I discovered this great news:

I’ve also dug up the links to the scientific papers, here you go:

Lu X, Rasco BA, Jabal JM, Aston DE, Lin M, Konkel ME: “Investigating antibacterial effects of garlic (Allium sativum) concentrate and garlic-derived organosulfur compounds on Campylobacter jejuni by using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and electron microscopy.” (2011)

Lu X, Samuelson DR, Rasco BA, Konkel ME: “Antimicrobial effect of diallyl sulphide on Campylobacter jejuni biofilms.” (2012)

Lu X, Rasco BA, Kang D, Jabal JM, Aston DE, Konkel ME: “Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Studies of the Antimicrobial Effects of Garlic Concentrates and Diallyl Constituents on Foodborne Pathogens” (2011)

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18 thoughts on “Scientists Find Garlic To Be 100x More Effective Than Antibiotics Against Food Poisoning Bacteria

  1. Wondering if the antimicrobial effect is with raw garlic or is it the same with cooked

  2. I a long time use garlic, and pills the garlic take one every day, And
    a have good healt, no flu, nader. But im Vegam , eat much vegetables, but my health es very god, my skin, hair.

  3. Hello! KANGEN water is also proven to help with food poisoning. Using their protocol of high alkaline pH 11.5 and low acidic pH 2.5 waters will eliminate this problem.

  4. I would like to know if garlic can be given to dogs ? My Goldie is suffering from bacterial skin infection..antibiotics don’t seem to help. pls let me know urgently.

  5. I looked it up on the internet about garlic for dogs and it’s the same the last time I looked, I am seeing yes and no. Probably best for you to check with your vet so he knows and if he says yes he can suggest how much so you know what’s okay and what’s not

  6. By Anu, 3 vets wanted to put my dog down. 4th vet gave vit E, a packet of mixed vitamins, and a skin cream that was very good. This was over 40 years ago. No hair even on his tail. Old dog too. Neighbors thought we got a new dog when he hot his fur back. Sorry I can :t be any more specific. Vitamin packs exist now but don’t know if same. Look for vet who id also trained in alternative med. They exist. Got bless you and your dog.

  7. What is helpful, and most needed with all “natural” remedies, is such legitimate scientific research, so that we can effectively know how much, of what concentration, of what substance, over what period of time would be correct to take for which conditions. Too many ‘claims’ of folk remedies may be helpful but need studies to stand up to the traditional Pharma and ‘commercial’ medicines.

    I am continually disappointed when going into a health and natural remedy vendor and find little has been done to differentiate effective dosages for many “remedies” as if this were still the guess work of the Dark Ages.

    1. There are TONS of studies but they are typically underfunded. Go to and type in the herb or foodstuff you are interested in. Tons of studies!

  8. Great info! I had the pleasure of making sausage with an old German butcher and he reinforced this idea regarding garlic and other spices. He is also very opposed to irradiation of spices as it is his belief that it cuts down on their anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. i use raw garlic often…make sauces and salad dressings with minced garlic, particularly if i am feeling like i might have gotten a touch of the cold or the flu…i am seldom indisposed more than a few hours or a day at most…

    By any…i give my dogs garlic 9i mince it finely and mix it with their food every once in a while…a couple of times i noticed they had tiny worms in their stools, after putting garlic in their food for about 3 days, the stools were worm free and my big dog who has been scratching herself like crazy got better too!!! they are outdoor dogs during the day so they are prone to hunting and tasting anything that excites them in the backyard…

  10. By Anu…one summer, i also rescued a kitten abandoned at a grocery parking lot, skin and bones, full of fleas and with very foul smelling runny, wormy stools; the poor thing could barely move…i mixed some garlic powder with her food…just after a few days her stools were regular and without worms and she was more energetic just after a week…gained weight…sadly she ran off with a tomcat the following spring …

  11. Is ten benefits the same with cook garlic or it has to be raw. I would like to find a link or something that proves the research. Thank you

  12. Garlic can be given to dogs in POWDERED FORM ONLY. For some reason, FRESH garlic is a known TOXIN to dogs. I put garlic and nutritional yeast on my dog’s food daily. Garlic is used primarily for flea control plus they like the taste (cats too). I am now happy to know it’s an antibiotic. Nutritional yeast is for vitamins and the ‘cheesy’ taste. For your dog’s, cats, or large domestic animals skin, hair, and digestive health: Put APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in their water daily as well as rub into their problem skin spots. I use approximately 2-3 teaspoons per quart of water. If your dog or cat has upper respiratory problems, keep dabbing it on their nose so that they lick it off. Monolaurin, an ingredient in coconut, is also an outstanding antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial for people and I’ve gotten reports it helps with dog’s skin problems. (Ecological Formulas at About $13.50/bottle. I take it every day (2) and never sick. Do NOT do flu shots!) Good luck!

  13. P.S. For parasites and general intestinal/circulatory health in humans and pets: sprinkle **FOOD GRADE** DIATOMACEOUS EARTH on their food. Rub on their fur for fleas. It is a fine powder from millions of years old oceans that is similar to “glass” to scratch fleas or other bugs and kill them. Food Grade is safe to ingest. I take 1 tsp per day. I found mine at a Farm store. Less than $1.00/pound.

  14. Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE is the ONLY safe kind to ingest…Do not use the same stuff sold for pools or gardens…they could kill you or your pets….keep the flour away from pets eyes/nose because it has a drying effect

  15. I like the idea of powdered garlic and nutritional yeast. I will have to give that a try…..sorry Savannah for stepping on your second post…I must have been typing when it posted

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