Scientists Find Substance In Ginger Kills 91% of Leukemia Cells and Shrinks Tumors in Vivo

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Scientists Find Ginger Kills 91% Of Leukemia Cells And Shrinks Tumors In Vivo
Scientists Find Substance In Ginger Kills 91% of Leukemia Cells
Graphic © Background Photo – © Diana Taliun – (under license)

Tremendous news from the world of anti-cancer research today: In a fascinating study (Nov 2013) published in Molecular Cancer (an open access, peer-reviewed online journal) researchers in China have discovered that 6-Shogaol, a major pungent ingredient in ginger induces apoptosis (cell death) in human leukemia cells both in vitro and in vivo – without side effects!

Several other studies have indicated anti-cancer potential for ginger. The researchers also stated that 6-Shogaol “could induce cell death/apoptosis in a variety of cancer cells including human lung cancer, colorectal carcinoma, hepatocarcinoma, ovarian cancer and breast cancer cells.”

What’s remarkable about the results found is that 6-Shogaol appears to act selectively (that’s the magic word!) against the leukemia cells, but but not against normal bone marrow mononuclear cells.

Now it’s important to understand that this news of course does not mean that ginger is considered a proven anti-cancer medicine. That would require many more studies – including human trials. However, it indicates that ginger, already known to be a profoundly beneficial spice to health in many ways, has real potential as an anti-cancer agent.

Another fascinating facet of the modern research on ginger is that it is pointing towards the conclusion that the individual compounds in ginger have a synergistic effect when taken together. In other words, the healthiest way to consume ginger may be to eat it as a whole food.

You will often hear herbalists mention the benefits of “whole plant extracts”. This makes sense, if you take a step back and think about it from an evolutionary standpoint. We are survivors, and we have consumed whole foods from the natural environment for hundreds of thousands of years. Our bodies are fine-tuned to eat whole foods – and the manner of consuming food (and even “food-like products”) that has appeared in the last few hundred or few thousand years is highly anomalous to what we are evolutionarily designed for! It is, in fact, completely bizarre. Foodstuffs are now “created” artificially in buildings; not for reasons of increased health, but for reasons of creating marketable products with high transportability and shelf stability. Why do we think we can do better in a few years of science than foods which we have been fine-tuned to eat over hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection?

I think I am going to make some ginger tea! Wash then chop some thin slices of fresh organic ginger and put them in a cup. Pour on freshly boiled (filtered or mineral!) water, and add raw honey and fresh lemon to taste. Mm mm! Then when you are done, get a spoon and chomp down the ginger slices for maximum benefits. Here’s to us! 😉

The full text of the 6-Shogaol study is available free online at

Big thanks also to our good friend Ethan at The Eden Prescription for bringing this new study to our attention and for his continued efforts to highlight the dedicated work being done by unsung, hard-working researchers worldwide in the search for anti-cancer medicines.

If you want to grow your own ginger – check this page: How To Grow Your Own Ginger

Here’s another graphic to pin 🙂

Scientists Find Ginger Kills 91% Of Leukemia Cells And Shrinks Tumors In Vivo
Graphic © Photo © Adobe Stock (under license)

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14 thoughts on “Scientists Find Substance In Ginger Kills 91% of Leukemia Cells and Shrinks Tumors in Vivo

  1. I was recently diagnosed with leukemia. I will infuse my current nutrition plan with ginger. My ayurveda practicioner also encourages eating ginger…so wish me luck!

  2. I’m a person with Leukemia CLL, I’m afraid now being 65 yrs old in April I won’t see a RX or real herbs to help a life long cancer as CLL’. They talk about experiments showing promise etc. but the timing isn’t looking promising. They don’t even treat leukemia cll until your way ill- dying damn near at end of life as you’ve been aware. Please, the Hucksters’ with Herbs Magic & Rx hoodoo $$$$$$ is a out my touch ! Senior and fixed income isn’t in our healing.

  3. dr oz says one cup of broccoli day will halt the growth of cancer, you can buy it in capsule called brocolive at health food store

  4. Nice one.But just want to comment on adding honey in tea.It is not good to add honey in hot water/tea ,as per Ayurveda honey will produce poison when it get heated even by warm water.

  5. I am a happy 65 year old woman, for the last seven years I have arthritis.
    In my search for a better life I started reading everything I could
    and arrived a couple of years ago to a conclusion:
    apart from traditional medicine I eat properly, between 9 am and 5 pm.
    I ate normally, but especially raw vegetables and fruit,
    No red meat, because produce the worst inflammation , Salmon very little too as sea food.
    When I discovered Ginger, 6 years ago I started eating it raw, shredded in soups,
    salads and other dishes, as people use salt.
    Ginger is warm and that helps a lot to those who have arthritis.
    Seven years ago I thought that I would live the rest of my life in a wheelchair,
    today I have a life full of activity and I think my eating habits help very much, also I eat a lot less.
    People should learn to eat row Ginger daily, not only as a tea, because it’s not enough
    Eat it as a side dish veggie every day. I ate from 2 to 4 spoonfuls every day
    No side effects at all, but a great life, I know by experience, because happens it to me.

  6. When you put these great items in pill form, they have to be processed, take it naturally and organically.

    Broccoli is a wonderful vegetable along with kale, cauliflower and spinach, but if you are HYPO-THYROID as I am, you have to steer clear of these veggies particularly in the morning time, they interfere with the function of the thyroid. so that spinach omelet you thought was doing your body good, is in fact isn’t.

  7. its nice to know more about the use and help in to our body need to be cure and medicine that we need the most

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