12 Ways To Prevent Snoring

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12 Ways To Prevent Snoring
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Having someone snoring beside you every night can really be annoying. Normally, people take this condition lightly but according to research, snoring can actually be a health risk and may cause further harm. So if your condition is serious, seek medical advice – because there is the possibility that snoring is triggered by a more serious condition.

There could actually be lots of reasons on why you snore but the most common explanation for it is the narrowing of your airways. As the airways get narrow, vibrations get more intense and snoring gets louder. The narrowing of airways is normally caused by the relaxation of the throat tissues, tongue and muscles of the palate.

There are a wide availability of treatments for snoring. While you may choose to have modern devices that promise to put a stop to snoring, you can still choose to use practical home remedies for this condition. We’ve recently discovered a page with 12 surprisingly good tips on snoring prevention.

From the avoidance of alcohol to the use of herbs such as peppermint – there are tips of almost every variety, including breathing exercises and ergonomics (postural adjustment). I was fascinated to learn about the exercises for mouth and throat that focus on tightening and toning the muscles of the mouth and throat, which get looser and less elastic as we get older. And of course, what could a tennis ball have to do with it? I would love to know if anyone actually tries this one and gets a result!

There is one “bonus” tip I would like to add to this one – investigate air purification. A HEPA air purifier will filter dust and other allergens such as pollen out of the air – and this may reduce inflammation and sore throat issues, which in turn will lead to easier breathing during sleep. I’m actually going to make a post soon about simple ways to make your own “low tech” air purification – keep an eye out for that one! 🙂

Ok, here is the link to the full original tutorial:


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9 thoughts on “12 Ways To Prevent Snoring

  1. My step dad convinced my mom to sleep on a tennis ball; so she had me try it as well. It didn’t work too well for her; I have a misaligned back so that was a big mistake for me to try. The point of sleeping with the ball under the middle of your back is to get you to arch your back while sleeping; so many ppl lie flat on the mattress and that is not good for the back nor the insides — that’s what causing the snoring.

  2. Tennis ball is actually to prevent you from sleeping on your back. When you turn on your back during sleep you instinctively turn back to your side because of the tennis ball.

  3. OK … from my own experience & testing …
    DONT sleep on your back, not good on many levels …
    The tennis ball although I think its a bit BIG is to stick up
    just kidding, place it under the pillow near the corner were your middle check center of jaw will lay on pillow, this forces open the mouth in a way that allows for better air flow, without getting that suficating feeling while on back or just without the ball, I prefer to just turn the corner of pillow under it gives just the right pressure for me, everyone is different, maybe a bowling ball is bettter for some, and a pingpong for others, WHATEVER is our fix, try it, you’ll LOVE THE SLEEP 😉

  4. If you snore with your mouth wide open (the most common),just tape your lips together. Don’t laugh too hard–it really works. The best tape is Micropore from 3M. Fold one end over on itself so you can remove it quickly.

  5. @Larry: why the hassle?
    Why not buying a good but affordable anti snoring mouthpiece? No strange this with tapes and tennis balls, just happy sleeping.

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