6 Foods That Help Get Rid Of Parasites

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6 Foods That Help Get Rid Of Parasites
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Coconut: Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that may help boost the immune system. Coconut oil has anti-parasitic activities as well as antifungal and antibacterial properties. A study has found the antiparasitic activity of coconut against P. falciparum, a protozoan that caused malaria in humans. [1]

Pomegranates: Historically, pomegranate has been used to treat dysentery in folk medicine due to its antiprotozoal activity. A study has reported the antiparasitic properties of edible pomegranate. The study showed that pomegranate reduces the number, activity of Schistosoma – a blood-dwelling fluke. The stem bark extract of edible pomegranate showed the highest antischistosomal activity during the study. [2]

Thyme: Thyme is a popular culinary herb that has antiparasitic properties. According to one study that compared the thyme with albendazole – an antiparasitic drug on the intestinal and muscular phase of T.spiralis parasite, thyme led up to 80% of adult population reduction and 71.3% larvae reduction. [3] Note that thyme should not be taken in unusually large quantities do to potential hepatotoxic effects of thymol in too migh a quantity.

Garlic: Garlic has been used since ancient times across the globe to boost appetite, strengthen the immune system, and kill parasites in the body. The antiparasitic activity is believed to be due to the sulfur-containing compound in garlic. Vital substances for the growth of parasites, trypanothione are inhibited by disulfide bond formation with sulfur compounds. [4]

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds contain tetracyclic triterpenes which can help remove parasites from the body. Apart from that, pumpkin seeds also contain cucurbitacins that can paralyze the parasites. A study has reported that pumpkin seeds extract can control gastrointestinal tract nematode parasitic infection. [5]

Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds have historically been used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, and antiparasitic purposes. The sunflower seeds are rich in phytochemicals such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and coumarins. [6]


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