Homemade And Natural Stretch Marks Cream

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Homemade Natural Stretch Marks Cream
Image – Wellnessmama.com (with permission)

Here’s a great home-made natural recipe that is sure to be appreciated by the ladies, this one is for a stretch mark salve. It’s called “tiger salve” not because it has any connection to “tiger balm” but because stretch marks are also nicknames “tiger stripes” due to their resemblance to a tiger’s patterning. I like the “tiger stripes” name better than stretch marks, it has a more “positive association” – can we keep that name instead? 🙂

The idea behind this formula is that it is intended to help the skin stay supple, allowing it to stretch more easily without making stretch marks. It contains simple, natural oils and butters which are readily available, and the herbs calendula and ginger which are known for their health benefits. We have pages with detailed information on these herbs if you want to learn more about them, just follow the links!

Ok here is the link to the original formula and tutorial: https://wellnessmama.com/8183/diy-salve-for-stretch-marks

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14 thoughts on “Homemade And Natural Stretch Marks Cream

  1. Do you ship to UK? Or do you know anyway I can buy organic oregano, black chai seeds ? thank you

    1. Hi Susan, we do not sell anything, this is a free information site.
      Have you tried Amazon?

  2. great stuff, kindly i am struggling with pimples before and after shave help

  3. Susan call health foods west in Birmingham alabama they sell those items very cheap and they ship everywhere for one small rate I think the rate is only the exact amount they pay for shipping no extra costs and there quality is absolutely amazing …. Just saying its where I get all and I mean all my health food products herbs vitamins food everything it’s a one stop shop for real the number is 205-923-0001 they are excellent!!!

  4. Kibet Kipkosgei, you could try using a mixture of coconut oil/brown sugar as an exfoliant on your face, and fresh lemon as an astringent (just rub a slice of lemon across face). Also, Cocoa butter is greata for after shave-super rich moisturizer.

  5. I’m dealing with severe tissue damage in the chest area from weight fluctuations. Some days, it’s not as bad because the cold air shrinks skin, slightly.
    Typically recommended solutions for stretch marks have been tried-and they fail. Is there a less common mixture or herb that can help?

  6. I’m wondering if you can use calendula oil or essence since I am having trouble finding fresh/dried?

  7. Try getting most if not all of these herbs in East Indian stores, a lot of these are from Asian country’s, I used a lot of these herbs and they really work.I get them in an East Indian market, hope this helps.

  8. The article doesn’t say it removes stretch marks. I had 1 regular size baby and 4 BIG babies, one 10lbs 4oz, and have had a tummy tuck, but there are still a few the doc couldn’t get to as they were so high up, so now I love my tuck and look like I have a twenty year old tummy again, except for the few remaining stretch marks. Any hope of them going completeley with this formula? Thanks !

  9. I am very interested on the tiger salve cream, but I can’t seem to find the formula on this page

  10. My 15 yr old daughter was on Steriods 6 Mons. Due to UC
    She has stretch marks on her arms tummy and
    Legs all due to weight gain she has lost all of the
    Extra weight. Will this help w the Marks.?

  11. I notice that most of what is asked is about stretch marks caused from pregnancy. I’ve got stretch marks on my legs just from growing fast. Will this work on those stretch marks or is this something that just helps to prevent ones from pregnancy?

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