How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed

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How To Grow A Lemon Tree From SeedLemon tree seedling @ about 1 month. Image –

Have you ever wanted your very own lemon tree? Imagine in a few years time… sitting in its cool shade… a soft summer breeze is blowing and gorgeous lemons hang perfectly from the branches, calling out to you to pick them and make them into delicious lemonade. I can already tell that you’re sold on the idea! 😉

One of the things I love about this tutorial is that the process is super easy, and fun – so it’s a perfect project for kids (unlike the soap making tutorial, which sadly is definitely not kid-friendly owing to the chemicals involved!)

Another thing I love about this lemon tree tutorial is that it is finding and teaching immense value in things that we normally take for granted. We throw away the possibility of several lemon trees every time we discard a lemon that we are done with. It’s a lesson in abundance and the gifts that are all around us.

And then of course, there is the ecological angle. Whether or not you believe in global warming, you can surely agree on one thing: We cut down trees way faster than we are growing them, deforestation is a problem and forests are a good thing. Cool, green leafiness is a good thing. Trees “clean” the air we breathe, and that’s something we can’t really have too much of. So this is one small way in which you can do something to be proud of. Years ago, I worked for a forestry company and personally planted thousands of trees. Although it was tough work, there was truly an inner sense of accomplishment and reward unlike any I have felt doing any other work. Plant trees! Just do it! You will love yourself for it later, I promise. 🙂

We also have a big free tutorial page on the wonderful Lemon Essential Oil – and you might also be interested in this post on How To Make An Amazing “Detox Water” using lemon and cucumber (another easy project!)

One last thing before I send you the tutorial – have you seen this crazy list of the Top 20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Lemon Juice?

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial – a fun, easy and rewarding weekend project:

Have a great weekend and let us know how you get on!

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23 thoughts on “How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed

  1. I Fount this on pinterest today. Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. I’m so going to do this next week. I have always wanted a lemon tree for my patio outside of my kitchen,

  2. please forgive me… but I cannot found the tutorial… love to plant my own lemon tree…more then one even! I just love lemon cakes, lemons juice, lemonades, all home mades.. but I cannot found the tutorial that you are mentioning here.. Could you please help me and tell me how to do it? thank you so much and have a wonderful day.. God bless.

  3. Hello thank you so much for this and worm compost I can’t wait to go try these out love lemons

  4. ive always wanted to grow a lemon from a pip .ive grown an advocado and a mango tree from pips .

  5. I’ve started several lemon seeds about two years ago and I’m so thankful for this post. What can I use on my tree if it does get pests or disease?

  6. Thank you !!! I’m right now growing my own lemon trees thanks to your info. on it…LOL I have like 12 babies growing right now and their like 2 or 3 inches high and doing very well..I also am going to try Kiwi i know they only grow from vines.. not into tree form..I want to try doing Orange trees next !!! Again thanks for the info. !!! 🙂

  7. I like lemons. When I get ice tea at a restaurant I always ask for
    a lemon and I eat the lemon.

  8. Thank you for teaching me how to grow a lemon tree from a lemon seed. I wish I had this information 2 weeks ago because I bought a lemon tree at the swap meat for $20. I repotted in a large container w/good drainage and good organic soil but I ended up buying the lemon tree for $20. I will follow your tutorial and give this to my older sister. She will be so happy.

  9. hi, about five years ago I planted several orange seeds, when my son was killed in a car accident, the tree is six ft tall iam so thrilled.

  10. I tried to plant lemon from lemon seed left about 01/12/2013 and i found recently that one of the lemon seed start grow!! I am happy that my lemon seed grow for me to celebrate Happy New Year of 2014, and also for you too!!

  11. I would like to grow a lime tree too. Would you know a good lime that I can grow indoor. Thank You for this article: How to grow a lemon tree. I am going to do this.

  12. l’m growing lemons from South Africa, but there are these nasty black, choco & orange caterpillars bugging them.How to control this pests as the 3 seedlings are still small about a knee high in pots.TQ

  13. My grand daughter and I did this, they grew really tall. Went to a greenhouse and was told to cut them back, so, I cut them way back. They are doing well, getting bushier. Gotta go back to the green house and ask how many times I need to do this, along with the fish emulsion mixture, for shock purposes, as they don’t give fruit till they are about 7. But what a good memory we have created! And God willing, we will get lemons:)

  14. I was told you can grow from seed but unless it is grafted it won’t produce. I have a lemon tree from a nursery.. It produces lemon twice a year. Even a bought lemon tree takes 3-5 years to produce.

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