How To Make A Home-Made Eczema Cream And Skin Moisturizer

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How To Make A Home-Made Eczema Cream And Skin Moisturizer
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Eczema can really be a nuisance. Triggered by a number of causes, this condition is normally characterized by dry, itchy and red skin that may appear “randomly” on different parts of the body.

Today, the market offers lots of creams and moisturizers that promise efficient results in dealing with the symptoms of eczema. The good thing is, you now have something you can try for eczema that uses some of the most common, gentle natural ingredients at home. Aside from being budget friendly, you can use this simple, soothing eczema cream as a moisturizer anytime you want or need it. All you need are the following:


For centuries, oats have been widely used in treating eczema. Research shows that oats contains potent substances that help relieve itch. and sooth inflammation that normally accompanies eczema. Oats are also effective in keeping the skin moist all the time. By moisturizing the skin day and night, itchiness is reduced and eczema flare-ups are prevented from occurring. Oats can be put into bath or used as masque or cleanser.

Coconut Oil

Coconut and its oil have long been considered an effective aid in promoting skin health. In fact, research shows that it is effective in relieving itch, redness, flaky, cracked and dry skin which is often associated with eczema. It contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral as well as emollient properties that protect the surface of the skin. Furthermore, it was found out that regular application of coconut oil can dramatically enhance the healing process, and stimulate the production of collagen.

Rosemary Oil

Noted for its antioxidant and antiseptic properties, rosemary oil makes an effective natural remedy for eczema. It helps in relieving extreme itchiness and irritation as well as in preventing dryness which are normally triggered by eczema. Aside from its ability to stimulate blood circulation, rosemary is also believed to be effective in soothing inflammation and enhancing healing. Rosemary oil also plays a vital role in cleansing and moisturizing the skin, as well as in preventing the infection from growing.

Olive Oil

Since the Greek civilizations, olive oil has been used to treat various sorts of skin ailments. According to research, olive oil works effectively on extremely dry skin as it capable of penetrating deeply into the epidermis. It also helps in nourishing the skin, and makes it soft without the use of allergens and synthetic ingredients. When added into sugar and made into paste, olive is effective in exfoliating the skin and in getting rid of flakiness and dryness associated with eczema.

You’ll need the instructions… Here, then, is the link (via web archive) to the full tutorial:

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6 thoughts on “How To Make A Home-Made Eczema Cream And Skin Moisturizer

  1. You can make this recipe ,cleansing as well as conditioning and healing using Pachajabon….if you would like to know about it,please do contact is a non profit ,Eco and ethical association…I will send you the info….as yet there is no website.

  2. I have a fungal infection on my back I have used all different shampoos and creams nothing works have you any remedies that might work

  3. Dr. Christopher’s formula for bones, flesh, and cartilage (BF&C) worked well on my husband’s hands full of exzema years ago. His kidneys seemed to be the real problem, so that the inefficiency of the kidneys caused the liquid waste to be forced through the skin of the tops of hands and feet. We wore gloves dipped in the strong tea to bed each night. Woke up with baby skin in the morning, but got worse through the day. We changed diet, worked on his kidneys with herbs, and he has little if any of the problem anymore.

  4. Yes apply braggs apple cider vinegar to the fungus with a cotton ball. You want braggs because its raw unfiltered it cured my skin fungus. Also coconut oil helps cure it and I put it on following the apple cider vinegar

  5. Anne,
    I believe it you use a body butter of coconut oil with lavender and tea tree oil that should be able to fight off your fungal infection if you still have it. You should probably also delete any sugar intake and drink a tsp of apple cider vinegar each day for about two weeks. You need to alkalize as well as fight the fungus.

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