The Amazing Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass Juice

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass JuiceWheatgrass pic – © Brent Hofacker – (under license)

Can Wheatgrass Juice Improve Your Health? As people become more “conscious” with their state of health and well being, the importance of consuming natural, raw and organic products is becoming more widely appreciated. As time passes by, wheatgrass is getting a great deal of attention and importance to those who desire to live a healthier lifestyle and sustain longer lives. This article will enlighten you about wheatgrass and how can you benefit from it.

Wheatgrass – General Info

Normally sold as powder concentrate or juice, wheatgrass is a type of food derived from the cotyledons (seed leaves) of wheat plants. Wheatgrass is also available in capsules, tinctures, tablets and liquid extracts. It is usually served fresh or freeze-dried.
The production and consumption of wheatgrass was started in the 1930s by Charles Schnabel, an American nutritionist. American families were encouraged to include wheatgrass into their diet but as time passed by, less and less people were consuming it. [1]
Some researchers have claimed that this food is an excellent source of enzymes, minerals, chlorophyll, and amino acids. It can also be a good source of other nutrients like calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron and magnesium.

Reported Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Through the years, there had been lots of claims about the health benefits which wheatgrass brings about. There have been a number of lab studies but scientific proof is expensive and difficult to obtain, requiring extensive human trials. Here are some of the claims about the potential effects of taking wheatgrass regularly:
Dr Samir Samman, a senior Human Nutrition lecturer at Sydney University, claimed that intake of wheatgrass products has profound positive effects on some vital aspects of human health. According to him, wheatgrass helps in preventing the onset of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.
Furthermore, it aids in preventing hair loss and in promoting liver cleansing, blood flow, better circulation, improved digestion, and detoxification of heavy metals in the body. Apart from being a powerful detoxifier, wheatgrass is also capable of protecting the blood and liver. No other medicines or foods available today have the capacity to fight against the harmful effects of carcinogens aside from wheatgrass. This is primarily due to its amino acid and enzyme content. [2]
It also helps in stimulating the proper functioning of the thyroid gland as well as in correcting obesity, and preventing indigestion. Wheatgrass is also believed to be important in improving blood-sugar related disorders like diabetes.
Apart from its ability to ward off bacterial infections, wheatgrass is claimed to enhance wound healing and prevents tooth decay. As mentioned earlier, wheatgrass is also an effective natural way of fighting off cancer. It is also reported to prevent the formation of tumors and neutralizes toxins in the cells.

Wheatgrass and Its Amino Acid Content

As I have mentioned earlier, this food is a good source of amino acid. As you may have heard, amino acids are the vital blocks of protein which plays an essential role in cell growth and regeneration. [3]

Wheatgrass And Heart Health

When taken regularly, wheatgrass is believed to be important in increasing the level of red-blood cell count as well as in bringing the level of blood pressure into optimum by dilating the pathways of blood throughout the body. Also, it promotes heart health by reducing the level bad cholesterol in the body by blocking its absorption. It also increases the level of hemoglobin, a red chemical in the blood which carries oxygen throughout the body. [4]
Scientific studies show that chlorophyll is capable of building red blood cells and destroying toxic carbon dioxide. Apart from stimulating the bodyís immune system, chlorophyll is also useful in enhancing metabolism, alkalizing the blood and of course, energizing the body. [3]
According to research, the hemoglobin molecule of the human body resembles chlorophyll molecule of wheatgrass. The inherent similarities between these molecules enable the body to easily convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin thereby resulting to an increased red blood cell count in the body.

Wheatgrass Vs. Respiratory and Urinary Tract Illnesses

Furthermore, wheatgrass is claimed to be effective at warding off respiratory infections and complaints like cough, fever, bronchitis, sore throat and common cold. It is also useful in treating and fighting off other health conditions like joint pain, chronic skin problems, ulcerative colitis, gout and arthritis. Sometimes, wheatgrass is used to treat a number of infections in the bladder, prostate and urethra as well as kidney stones and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

Safety notes

Despite the fact that wheatgrass is generally considered as safe to eat, it would always be best to consult your doctor before taking it as it may in rare cases cause adverse effects to the human body. It may actually trigger the onset of nausea, hives, headache and swelling of the throat. Since it is gown in water or soil, and is consumed raw, it may be contaminated by bacteria – therefore care over cleanliness of the product and the growing system is advised. [5]
Also, although wheatgrass may contain various nutrients, always bear in mind that it is never a replacement to your diet or a miracle cure.

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