10 (Very) Strange Home Remedies That Really Work

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10 Strange Home Remedies That Really Work
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2. Toothpaste For Insect Bites:

Try dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on an insect bite to relieve the sting and itch. It’s quite likely that the benefit in this case is brought about by the peppermint – in which case you might also want to try a small drop of peppermint essential oil and see if that works even better.

3. Onion Juice For Earaches:

I used to get hideous earaches a lot as a child and this is quite common. Onion has antiseptic qualities: First boil the onion until it is soft, then when cool squeeze out the juice. Apply 2 to 5 drops of this juice into the affected ear using a dropper.

4. Chocolate For A Cough:

My favorite one, this! 🙂 I don’t really need much justification to eat chocolate – but there is plenty. In addition to chocolate’s “bliss inducing chemicals” known as anandamides, it also contains 2% to 10% theobromine, a xanthine alkaloid. Theobromine has been studied and is reported to suppress nerves responsible for the cough reflex. [1] Note however that as with caffeine, it can induce sleeplessness. I’ve also nibbled on cacao to help with wakefulness on long distance drives with good effect.

5. Teabags For Burns:

Applying a cool, wet used teabag (black or green tea) to a small skin burn is reported to bring relief. It’s also possible that drinking green tea can also reduce the possibility of skin damage, due to the tea’s antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate. For mild sunburn you can also add a couple of teabags to bath water. Note that in cases of significant or serious burns you should always seek prompt medical attention.

6. Crushed Aspirin For Acne:

Salicylic acid is a compound which is a principal active ingredient in acne treatments. Aspirin contains a very similar compound – acetylsalicylic acid – and it’s reported that crushed aspirin, with a little water added to make it into a paste, can be used as a topical acne treatment to good effect. It is claimed that it will diminish red pimples within an hour. Observe guidelines on packaging for aspiring use and note that it is often stated that it should not be used by those under 19.

7. Vodka For Smelly Feet:

Well, now finally something to do with that ghastly bottle of cheap vodka that’s been sitting on the countertop ever since your last party. Wait… you didn’t drink it, did you? Ok, anyway – foot odor is generally caused by bacteria, which have a party inside the “ideal environment” for them that is created by sweaty feet inside socks and trainers. Vodka kills these bacteria on contact. Of course, you might want to change your socks too – but wiping down your toes with a vodka-soaked cloth or tissue is reported to help in a big way. My first thought was “what about soap and water?” Oh well. Don’t just pour it in your shoes – or you might end up getting breathalyzed…

8. Banana Peels For Acne:

This is a good one. It turns out that banana peels are packed full of essential nutrients that can benefit the skin – such as antioxidants, lutein (may protect against sun damage) and esterified fatty acids – which are thought to be able to treat eczema and psoriasis and have even been used in skin product formulations! Here’s what to do: 1) Rub the inside of a banana peel on the affected area for a few minutes until the inside of the peel turns brown. 2) Allow to dry for 20-30 mins or even overnight – as it dries, your skin will absorb the nutrients in the peel. 3) Rinse off. 4) Do it 3 times a day. 5) Come back and leave us a comment letting us know how you got on!

9. Dryer Sheet As Magic Eraser:

The Magic Eraser is a fantastic cleaning product that seems to have untold cleaning power due to its microabrasive properties. It turns out that dryer sheets have a similar effect – and that if you wet them, they make excellent scrubbers! Try them on tiles and the shower and then wipe the surfaces with a clean damp cloth afterwards. Can someone verify that used dryer sheets are just as effective as new?

10. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar For Restless Leg Syndrome:

This one is simple, take a teaspoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water every day. Apple Cider Vinegar is also considered to have numerous additional benefits. The healthiest, youngest looking 55-year-old I know takes ACV in water every single day and swears by it – true story!

BONUS: Here are a few more that people are mentioning in the comments. Can anyone verify these from experience? Let us know if you have any more good ones to add.

Vicks for toenail fungus.
Potato slices to draw out splinters.
Chopped onion left in the room for colds.
Bar of soap in the bed for Restless Leg Syndrome (Wow, really?? Several people claiming this!!)

NOTE: While this reports on claims people have made about these home remedies, none of this page should be considered as medical advice.

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[1] Usmani OS, et al. (2005) Theobromine inhibits sensory nerve activation and cough. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15548587

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  1. The onion at night in the bedroom I have read is true but you don’t have to chop it into pieces. Just cut it in half and put it in a jar that has a lid. Do not put the lid on until the next morning. Just take the lid off at night. You can use it for at least 3 nights.

  2. I can vouch for Vicks curing toe nail fungus. I had a nasty fungus for years. Tried the over the counter cures to no avail. The podiatrist wanted to remove my nail. I read about Vicks and figured what the heck. It works. Apply to area every nite put on your sox. It works on most fungus, also helps with callous. Vicks also works to stop coughing. Apply to soles of feet put on sox. Good luck

  3. yes, Vick’s works on toenail fungus. I had an ugly toenail for several years, when I heard about the Vick’s trick for toenails. I had used an cheaper brand of medicated rub, applied enough to cover the nail generously then I covered the nail completely with 2 band-aides, one in each direction (around and over the top) to keep the medicine contained. I did this once or twice daily for at least two to three weeks. Your nail will get very soft and flaky. Remember to dispose of your bandages and use clean socks ( this is a fungus, therefore possibly contagious) after you stop treatment watch your nail as it grows out , if the new nail is normal looking you are good, if not just continue treatment for another week or so. Remember to wash all your socks so you don’t reinfect your self. On a side note; I noticed that the Vick’s made my nails soft so when I had a client with ingrown toe nails i used this treatment to soften his toenails and eased his pain until he could get to the doctor.

  4. potato’s and bacon both work for splinters. onion juice also helps with coughs and phlegm. Grate onions very fine. spoonful mixed with water and drink it.
    flour and water to make paste, mix in a small drop of vanilla and few granules of sugar for taste. drink to get rid of diarrhea.

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