How To Make An Amazing Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal Detox

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How To Make An Amazing Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal DetoxPhoto – ByzantineFlowers

UPDATE – more recent reports have claimed that cilantro mobilizes mercury but may not always assist with its elimination: According to Dr. Chris Shade, if the body’s elimination systems are not working optimally, mercury may essentially recirculate and end up somewhere else in the body. Examples of agents that may assist with elimination include Alpha-lipoic acid, N-Acetyl cysteine, modified citrus pectin, seagreens, liposomal vitamin C. If seriously mercury toxic, working with a qualified specialist is advised. Mercury detox CANNOT be rushed and it’s always best to go gently. If you pound the cilantro and your elimination pathways are stagnant, you might not feel too well afterwards.

Did you know that cilantro (aka. coriander, Coriandrum sativum) has been found by scientific research to eliminate highly toxic mercury from the body? A groundbreaking research project conducted at the Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, USA in the mid to late 1990s discovered this remarkable effect of cilantro. [1][2]

Since then, several fascinating follow-up studies have appeared. A 2001 study found that coriander had a preventative effect on lead poisoning in mice. [3]

Here is another study of interest, as a completely different industry corroborates the findings: A study by the Department of Atomic Energy in India found cilantro able to remove mercury ions from aqueous solution “with good efficiency”. [4]

Also, more recent studies have found that the detox effect was amplified by the inclusion of chlorella [5] – which, interestingly, has also been found able to bind to cadmium – another toxic metal. [6]

There is far too much here to ignore: This subject is worthy of more studies, please!

In the recent decades, there has an increasing awareness about the serious negative impacts of heavy metals to human body. Extensive scientific studies have been conducted to determine the extent of these damages and how to minimize their undesirable and damaging effects.

These heavy / toxic metals include arsenic, beryllium, lead, cadmium, barium, chromium, mercury and selenium. [7] These metals are normally present in the natural environment at low levels. However when they are found in larger amounts they may impose additional risks to the body.

Humans normally acquire these metals through ingestion, drinking, eating, and breathing or inhalation. Of course, many people have acquired mercury through mercury amalgam dental fillings. Sufficient mercury is picked up through fish consumption for there to have been warnings about over-consumption of certain types of fish. People living / working in industrial areas where these metals are utilized, or those who reside in areas where these metals are disposed improperly, also have a risk for exposure.

When exposed to larger quantities of these metals, humans tend to experience various symptoms which include vomiting, nausea, increase in blood pressure, breathing difficulties, muscle weakness, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. Some victims also tend to have runny nose, asthma, cough, nose ulcers, wheezing, allergic reactions, and shortness of breath.

Heavy metal poisoning is serious stuff: In the worst cases, victims may suffer from changes in heart rhythm, liver and kidney damage, high blood pressure, paralysis, bronchitis, damage to blood vessels, dementia and even death. In pregnant women, overexposure to these harmful elements may even trigger miscarriage.

Here’s the good news: We’ve found an amazing all-natural, super-delicious cilantro pesto recipe that may be able to aid you in dealing with heavy metals. Aside from being inexpensive it is easy to make. for best results, please use organic ingredients!

Also known as coriander, cilantro is considered to have numerous amazing healing and medicinal properties. In addition to its crisp taste, cilantro is packed with nutritious constituents that are thought to offer unique protection to the body against a wide range of diseases.

Here is the link to the full recipe, with much additional valuable information:

*UPDATE* – interesting 2013 report from the American Chemical Society on the use of Cilantro to remove mercury from drinking water.


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    I have “tons” of parsley and dill. Other than freezing for use in recipes, is there something like a pesto that I can make with them?

  2. Coriander and cilantro are the same thing. Allow a plant to go to seed and you will have a permanent supply of coriander when in season. I have plants come up every year 🙂

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    Very interesting blog, My question is Can these Cilantro Pesto be consumed during Pregnancy.

  4. I am told one MUST take chlorella w the cilantro or the metals, released into bloodstream by cilantro – GO DEEPER IN YR BODY.

  5. Always buy indoor-grown chlorella. Natural News has it. The reason is because chlorella is so good at absorbing toxins, it sucks it in from the air, as well.

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