How To Make Medicinal Pickled Garlic (And Why It’s Beneficial)

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How To Make Medicinal Pickled Garlic
Image – (with permission)

We’ve found a great recipe for how to make your own pickled garlic. The link is at the end of this article – but first a few “garlic facts” that are pretty interesting…

According to the findings of the National Cancer Institute, people who took allium vegetables (chives, leeks, onions, scallions and garlic) had about 50% lower cancer risk compared to those who did not consume these foods. [1]

Aside from allicin which is considered as one of the most highly valued sulfur compounds in garlic, this spice is also known to contain other highly potent substances that offer highly exemplary effects to the human body. Research shows that garlic is beneficial to the heart. It helps in lowering the level of cholesterol, preventing blockage and clotting within blood vessels, as well as in reducing the rate of blood pressure. Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, garlic is also known to be useful in increasing the level of antioxidants in the body. [2]

Garlic is an excellent source of nutrients like copper, Vitamin B1, phosphorus, tryptophan, calcium, selenium, manganese, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. In the past, garlic has been widely considered as a great remedy for skin diseases, respiratory infections, intestinal parasites, symptoms of aging, intestinal disorders and flatulence.

Sulfur (“sulphur” in the UK) often gets a bad press – due to its being present in acid rain, and being responsible for the bad smell of rotten eggs. Its old name was “brimstone” – yes, that’s it, as in “fire and brimstone”.

Sulfur is an essential element in the human body and present in abundance. This mineral is derived in abundance from various sources including eggs, onions, soybeans, cabbage, kale, wheat germ, Brussels sprouts, and… garlic. [3]

Results of some studies revealed that sulfur makes an excellent remedy to inflammation and is beneficial in the treatment of oral and other forms of cancer. Furthermore, the consumption of organic sulfur is thought to be beneficial in the process of eliminating heavy metals as well as in repairing, rebuilding and regenerating the cells of the body. The most common symptoms of sulfur deficiency in the body include dermatitis, eczema, fatigue, brittle nails, blood sugar problems, growth and skeletal problems, joint problems, hair loss and poor circulation.

Ok, here is the link to the full pickled garlic tutorial:


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  1. Note: raw honey or honey or any kind should not be fed to children under a year old…check out the latest info on the web to be sure…

  2. But….I hate the smell and taste of garlic!! I use a minimal amount in cooking, and that’s powder not raw. i know very well how good it is for me, my daughter tells me all the She can’t tell me how to get past the aversion tho. Maybe you could help. Now I love onions of all types!

  3. Garlic from my online research is also one of the top foods to help the body manufacture the master of all antioxidants that is found in every cell of our body . Glutathione. This essential antioxidant for life is destroyed by heat so eating the garlic raw or pickled is perfect for good health. Holistic Chef Barry

  4. @Jane, her article’s recipe calls for raw honey heated in a saucepan to 100 degrees. Once honey reaches over 92 degrees Farenheit it may lose its healthsupplying properties. The botulism/infant danger is from commercial honey; because of its style of processing and then style of storage. For example, in Bible times honey was always a main infant food; because they had not yet corrupted the art to care for the honey from production to finish using traditional methods.

  5. @raw rose. I am so happy to read your views on heating of honey. I have preaching against this wrong practice to family and friends since almost twenty years. Also we have been giving a lick of honey as the baby’s first food. My generation, my children and now my grandchildren are none the worse for it. We ensure that we give the babies only local Pakistani natural honey which is free from botulism. You have strengthened my hands!

  6. I just tried this with some Mr. Lucky Garlic I got at the local supermarket. I used Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. After two days I checked it and saw the Galick has started turning Blue.

    Any Ideas? Anyone?

  7. Hi,

    I have some testicle infection. it occurs after 4 to six months. i got antibiotics injection also from Doctors. please tell me some Herbal solution for this.


  8. i have that garlic helps with high blood pressure and hi chol i would like to get off the drugs dr told me take hopeing garlic would help

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