How To Make Your Own Magnesium Oil To Improve Sleep And Reduce Stress

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How To Make Your Own Magnesium Oil
Image – (with permission)

Magnesium plays a fascinating, yet sometimes overlooked, role in nutrition. It is the 11th most abundant element by mass in the human body and is considered essential to all cells of all known living organisms! Hundreds of enzymes require magnesium ions for their catalytic action.

Although human magnesium deficiency is “officially” considered uncommon (curiously), it is reported that only 32% of people in the USA have enough magnesium intake to meet the RDA. Natural magnesium in soil is becoming depleted, reportedly due to over farming and pesticide use. Pesticides, according to some, kill the microorganisms in the soil which chelate the minerals from the rocks into bioavailable form.

Deficiency in magnesium has been linked to osteoporosis, asthma and diabetes. Magnesium also plays a role in the prevention of heart attack, stroke and many other scenarios.

If you are not aware of the use of magnesium oil (typically made with magnesium chloride), you may not know that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. This, it is claimed, allows for its rapid absorption by cells. Swimming in the ocean will also, it is said, give you some magnesium.

I just discovered a fantastic tutorial for making your own homemade magnesium oil. It’s unbelievably simple and tells you not only how to make it but how to apply it and what to expect.

Users of this product, as can be seen from the comments, are raving about the benefits of this simple application of magnesium to the skin. They are claiming significantly reduced tiredness, less aches and pains upon waking in the morning – and reduced stress! I need some of this stuff. Sufficiently impressed, I had to share the tutorial with you.

Here, then, is the link to the full tutorial from the ever-wonderful Wellness Mama:

See also our tutorial on magnesium and health:

Note: If you don’t want to make your own magnesium oil and would rather buy an expertly made product, check out this magnesium oil by Ancient Minerals and read the Amazon reviews.

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20 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Magnesium Oil To Improve Sleep And Reduce Stress

  1. I was introduced to magnesium chloride about five years ago by a very good friend of mine after a severe episode of back pain. I was diagnosed with spondilytis (not sure if spelled correctly) and for that there is no cure. I started taking the magnesium chloride in powder form mixed with water and incredibly my pain disappeared after two weeks. It is wonderful stuff and I dont know why doctors sont look into it more. I truly believe in it and recommend it.

  2. Question, why do you call it Magnesium Oil when its made with distilled water not oil? Would it not be considered an extract?


  3. When I worked on a dairy farm a few years ago I got really nasty burns on my arms and neck. I went to the doctors and found out it was magnesium burns from cow urine. We used water in the shed to spray the cows before milking them and then we would get wet arms. All the concentrated magnesium the cows had ingested has to come out somewhere, so of course when they peed it mixed with the water too, and so I got magnesium burns. They were so bad they looked like someone had poured boiling water over my arms. I was told I was allergic to magnesium. Can someone actually be allergic to magnesium ? If this is correct, could I still use a topical magnesium cream ?
    Just wondering …

  4. dear admin
    my passion is gardening but i have no idea what method i strat gardening plz help me???

  5. your website is very informative im glad first tim entry your website im little bit of english because im pakistan my english is very week so mam plzzz introduce the urdu translation plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. My question is: Why are there no answers to the other questions, some of which were asked months ago, OR are the answers found on another page that I don’t know how to access? I find them to be important inquiries.

  7. The first thing they inject in your heart when you arrive to a hospital, having a heart attack.. Is MAGNESIUM..This element turns bad Cholesterol into DHEA. .which keeps your endorphin levels naturally balanced. Which keeps you young..Fountain of youth Pain Reliever. Heart Charlie Horse. . Relaxed..Go figure. .cool stuff..

  8. Ive read alot of different posts on this subject and magnesium chloride may sting but told that Epsom salts does not sting and works the same is this true?

  9. I have been taking Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc for 20. Since then I rarely get sick with the flu or a cold. People run out and get Zinc when they have a cold. Why not take it on a daily basis and help yourselves before hand? If it reduced my pain I never realized it and that I have plenty of due to accidents.

  10. don’t know what “website”…sorry…followed a link…but would like to know more about some answers to above questions as well as the one about having too much or too little…and how can you tell…thanks

  11. According to a clinical nutritionist there are 45 ailments associated with a magnesium deficiency. Anytime a doctor tells you that you have lets say Parkinson’s disease, well it is not a disease, it is a deficiency. Parkinson’s is a result of a magnesium (DEFICIENCY). If the dr. told people the truth then he would not be in business to sell drugs.

  12. I began taking Magnesium supplements to lower my BP as a Naturopathic Physician suggested this. 2 other problems, constipation, and restless leg syndrome, also went away until I forgot to take it. Interesting that suggestion about Parkinson’s… My mother was diagnosed with that in 1963. She also had chronic restless leg and constipation. She died in 1998 and most neurologist tell me that they doubt she had Parkinson’s. I’m inclined to think it was Magnesium deficiency as well.

  13. Dr Sircus has written a book about transdermal magnesium therapy..that is also the title. Very informative material. Magnesium is required for over three hundred processes.Diets are low in magnesium this was recognised very early on in the 20th century and now in the 21st our diets are no better magnesium in the soil is depleted and so therefore anything grown in that soil will be very low in magnesium. Dr Dean has also written a book on the subject. There are some brilliant case studies in these books also.

  14. My daughter has seizures and has a lot of stress I want her to start doing herbal therapy for sleep and stress. She would rather take the drugs. Would this help her I’m really trying to help her

  15. To Jo from the diary farm who messaged on June 11, 2013== If you have an allergy to magnesium you have an allergy fullstop. Unless there is a way you can desensitize yourself, and you would need tpo see an allergy specialist about that. Good Luck. Debbie

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