How To Make Homemade Pain Relief Lotion Bars

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How To Make Homemade Pain Relief Lotion Bars
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I just discovered this great natural recipe over at and had to share. These are lotion bars – not soap – and are not intended for bathing use! They are made with all natural ingredients: A base of beeswax, coconut oil and shea / mango / cocoa butter – and then a dash of essential oils. Use these bars in the same way as a moisturizing / massage lotion – only they are solid. However, a little will melt to the touch, so the idea is that you apply them to the area you want to moisturize or treat!

Note that you can customize the essential oil components to your liking! TheWellnessMama has made a menthol / arnica / peppermint version for tired muscles – however there’s nothing to stop you including any of the other essential oils associated with skin care instead! I’d also suggest using the best quality ingredients you can source for the base – because your skin deserves the best!

Note also that it’s essential to use the “double pan” technique when warming beeswax. Don’t be tempted to skip it. The outer pan contains water (which should be simmered but not boiled), the inner contains the beeswax and other ingredients. The reason for this is because it is very easy to overheat beeswax and make it start to burn – and the water controls the temperature that the beeswax is subjected to. As there is heating and hot water involved, this project should of course have adult supervision.

Here is the link to the full tutorial, including amounts of all the ingredients and a few extra tips:

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23 thoughts on “How To Make Homemade Pain Relief Lotion Bars

  1. Hi ~ I am treating my husband at home for stage 4 cancer. He originally had stage 3 small cell lung cancer 18 months ago, and went through the conventional treatment of chemo/radiation/surgery. A month ago, we found out that he now has “malignant Pleural Effusion”, and it is considered inoperable, with chemo offering only the possibility of prolonging his life a couple of months, I am using nutrition (raw veg’s,fruits,nuts, seeds,no sugar, dairy or meat, with the exception of occassional salmon) juicing, spirulina in addition to the main treatment of cannabis oil capsules. He also breathes the vapor of wild oregano oil a couple of times a day. Do you have any recommendations of essential oils I can add, or any herbs. I welcome your comments and suggestions! Thank you!

    1. Hi Janet, first the usual disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so I cannot make actual medicinal recommendations. Having said that – there are two pages on the site where we have compiled a fairly large list of “anticancer herbs and foods”. These reports are based on lab findings (i.e. not necessarily human trials) and on traditional use. Although these pages are quite large, it is still a work in progress:

      Milk thistle is one from the herbs page that has shown recent promise in lab research and is generally considered gentle in other ways. Hope this is of some value and wishing you and your husband all the best,

  2. Janet Tucker….have you ever heard of protocel? You can read the story of a woman who used it who had seven different cancers and given only months to live. I don’t recall the exact date, but her story was published in The Cadillac Evening News in Cadillac Michigan years ago. Perhaps you could call them and ask them to search their archives. This woman also wrote a book on her cured cancer. I don’t have the info handy or I would give it to you. You might also research the “Protocel” on the Internet. You are doing a wonderful thing with your husband’s diet. I pray God will bless you both with the cure you need. Sending prayers.

  3. Janet, i was curious how your husband has turned out with the treatment you were giving him? Has it had any impact?! I’m curious for myself, please email me if you see this @ . Thank you! – Chris

  4. Janet, wish your husband God’s healing. email me on and I will send you some natural cancer treatment protocols, pls note that it not just about doing everything but doing the right thing, may God bless your effort, Amen.

  5. Need pain relief I’ve had 8 screws lower back 4 screws my neck. What can you suggest please?

  6. My boyfriend has had surgery on his lower back and spine. Also TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) headaches. Also early stages of arthritis. Is there any types of herbs and or remedies I can make or use to help ease his chronic pain and headaches? Thank you.

  7. hello my name is annette, and i was in a very bad car accident this pass april. i had bones broken and crushed. i need sumthing for my pain. i have a plate, with screws and pins in my leg. i received a crushed nose and cheek bone, a broken left arm. i don’t want to take medicine forever so i would b greatful for sum home remedy medicine. ty for ur help.

  8. I would try hemp oil and try to raise his ph level. I herd these two things cure even stage 4 cancers. Couldn’t hurt.

  9. Janet you might want to try LDN (low dose naltrexone) somw people with cancer have been able to stop the progression with this treatment. Good luck!

  10. JANET TUCKER, research “wheatgrass juice & cancer” it’s amazing stuff, don’t taste to good but amazing stuff non the less, I know from personal experience xxx

  11. Janet – look also into oxygen therapy. Cancer and oxygen do not mix. There is also a German protocol with baking soda, but I forget the name exactly. It has been a few years since I’ve needed that link so its lost in the abyss of my external drive somewhere… You could google baking soda for cancer and look for it – the site is in English.

    the naturopath in our town writes prescriptions for curcumin which is a great anti-inflammatory.

  13. There was a post that I saw here and figured someone else may benefit as well. You will have to check this out for yourself because I do not personally know anyone who was cured of cancer with these methods but there is plenty of testimony and it makes plenty of sense. 1). Gerson Therapy – has a therapy created by a physician and continued by his daughter. 2). Rick Simpson Oil – Shown to cure skin cancer and a few other types of cancers and many other ailments. 3). Vitamin B17 or Bitter Almond or Laetrile all known to cure cancer used by Doctors in the past to cure themselves, since the compound is illegal in the US they were not allowed to prescribe it to patients. It can still be obtained, but please do your research on these cures that I have found effective thru medical professionals and testimony of the patients.

  14. Janet my husband was cure from stage 4 Cancer 2 yrs ago and he is healthy he is 74 end of yr first of all build your PH level with , He was using Tumeric 1/4 9 ocl in rooibos tea and and 3 0cl cayenne pepper ginger did it for him pH level build up with Bicarbonate 1 desert spoon 1 teaspoons molasses and cup of Luke warm water drink 3 times a day and lots of prayers ,God Bless

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